School of Health Sciences

School Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

1:30pm – 3:00pm



Present: Sandra Johnson, Carroll Schnabel, Ron Bonebrake, Cody Elledge, Sarah Kennedy, Marsha Bouchard, Beverlee Rice, Kathie Delaney, Nisa Bruce, Olivia Hodgins, Marcel Bieg, Sherilyn Oldfield, Stacey Bradley, Jason Curtis, Josh Stratman, Judy Panek, Kristy DeVorss, Jan Peel, Cydney Farrar, Carlton Downing, Mary Doshi, Wendy Bircher, Phyllis Aguilera, Amy Copper, Therese Millis, Bobbie Steerman, Cat Anderson, Ann Hardy, Shawna Kemper, Beth Carter, Sally Lane, Carla Lich, Julius Manz, James Pinckard, Harold Tso, Oliver Borden, Mari Garcia. 


  1. United Way Campaign – Linda Baker

Linda Baker, Nicole Hitchcock, and Linda Mickey presented information regarding this year’s United Way Campaign. The goal for SJC this year is $25,000. Nicole and Linda Mickey highlighted the different agencies that benefit from the donated funds. Linda Mickey also highlighted a new program called Help Line. It is referrals service the aids those who call the United Way with questions related to everyday issues and problems. Automatic deduction is available to SJC employees as is the option to become a continuous donor.


  1. Name That Road Competition

SJC is sponsoring a competition to name six on-campus roads. Not only will this alleviate confusion, but will make it easier for agencies to respond to any emergencies on campus.


  1. Kid’s Kollege 2009 – Cydney Farrar

Kid’s Kollege continues to be very successful, especially the Rock Climbing. Because if the high demand if that particular class, Cydney asked us to consider adding more classes to the schedule. 


  1. Advising and Counseling Center Updates – Harold Tso/Stacey Bradley

During New Student Orientation there are quite a few students that utilize the waiting area in the Advising and Counseling Center. This situation has presented an opportunity to keep students informed of program offerings via continuous loop advertisements. Marketing and Media Services are available to assist any that are interested in putting a commercial together.  


  1. Intro to Allied Health Change – Nisa Bruce

Introduction to Allied Health is currently listed in the course bank as ALHT 111. Nisa and Oliver will be taking a recommendation to the Curriculum Committee to change it to HSCI. This is due not only to the name of the school being changed to School of Health Sciences, but will also facilitate core course creation specific to Health Sciences majors.  




  1. New Background Check Procedure – Wendy Bircher

Per Oliver’s suggestion, Wendy contacted a company called to research their background check options. Wendy stated that the company provides superior service to the provider Health Sciences is currently using. It offers custom packages for a very reasonable price. The turnaround time for their checks is 72 hours compared to the three to four months required for the current provider. Though it cannot be utilized by all programs in Health Sciences, the majority will benefit.


  1. Updates from the Dean – Oliver Borden
    1. New Health Sciences Brochure

Oliver asked Mari to pass out a copy of the new Trades and Technology brochure. The brochure covers every offering in the school in one easy-to-read format. Oliver would like to begin developing a brochure for Health Sciences, Mari will forward the PDF copy to all Directors and will also address this again at the next Director’s meeting.

    1. The new dining facilities will be opening on October 20th. The new facility has been named Mary’s Kitchen in honor of Mary Dugan. Sodexo has expressed significant interest in revamping the HHPC snack bar.
    2. Shared Message from the LLT
      1. Final Exam Schedule

Based on feedback from faculty and instructional professionals during the September School meetings, there appears to be consensus that the revised Finals Examination Schedule addresses concerns identified in the current Finals Exam Schedule that faculty had brought forth.

Fall Semester

However, based on the vote of faculty and instructional professionals during the September School Meetings, the revised Finals Examination Schedule will not be implemented during the Fall 2008 Semester since the schedule had already been published and because of concerns that a change in the schedule may result in greater confusion.

Spring Semester

The revised Finals Examination Schedule will go into effect for the Spring 2009 semester. A final draft, using the Fall 2008 semester, is attached for one final review by faculty/instructional professionals. Please notify Al Buyok of any potential problems that may arise.


A copy of the final draft was available for any to look over at the conclusion of the meeting.


      1. Spring 2009 Academic Class Schedule Construction

We will have one more opportunity to ensure the schedule is correct by checking WebAdvisor from Wednesday, October 15 through Monday, October 20. Report any errors Mari so the changes can be corrected in the final draft.


      1. Emergency Management Committee and SJC Web Design Committee-Faculty Representation

Both committees are looking for faculty to serve. Anyone interested in serving needs to contact Oliver and he will forward the recommendation to the proper department.


      1. Assessment Committee Update

Assessment representatives have also been asked to begin sharing assessment news at each school meeting, starting with a very basic PowerPoint. The Assessment committee hopes to help schools begin to develop their own Assessment Action Plan this semester

      1. Annabelle Friddle Awards Committee Changes

The nomination form and criteria will soon be finalized and forwarded to all Deans and faculty. During the October school meetings, each school will be asked to nominate full-time faculty members who have achieved continuing contract status for this award. Deans will forward the nominations from their respective school to the committee chair, Paula Baxter, who will work with Ron Jernigan to develop the electronic voting system.


  1. Health Sciences Newsletter

The October Newsletter was presented to the group. Copies are available at Mari’s desk.


  1. Department Updates
    1. Dental

Health Sciences will be hosting the next Faculty Association meeting on October 24th from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Each department will be able to present information about their program to the faculty.

    1. HHPC
    2. The Chi room has been converted into a classroom to alleviate some of the space issues we have been having in the academic wing. The room will be used mainly for PHED classes.

Marcel Bieg has been named interim Coordinator for the OLER program. We will begin advertising for the position very soon.

Josh has had a bulletin board installed by the main doors to hang general information. Please leave any fliers you would like to hang with James. All information will need to be approved before it can be hung.

    1. HIT

Carroll has had two adult students enroll into Introduction to Allied Health. The course is currently a hybrid course, but Carroll does plan to explore taking it completely online.

HIT is in need of a temporary instructor to help with overload. A full-time instructor will be brought on in January, but help is needed until that time.

    1. MLT

The equipment for the new building is beginning to arrive. Mary’s first class is still going well. She is also working on the application process for the next class.

    1. Nursing

Nisa introduced Carla Lich as the new Pharmacology Instructor.

There are two TEC faculty positions and one Skills Lab Coordinator position waiting to be filled.

Sixty-six applications have gone out for the fall 2009 class.  

    1. PTA

There are only three more Fridays left for massages, please make an appointment as soon as possible if you would like to participate.

    1. Physical Education

Bev is still making excellent progress with the two new degree offerings. The two presentations submitted by Bev and Marty Hill to the Alliance on Physical Education, Recreation and Dance have been accepted for the 2009 convention. They were chosen out of 800 other entries.

    1. Surgical Tech

Kristy’s four students are currently working to complete the 150 cases they must work before they can graduate. She will be calling the eighty-six students in the queue to begin the application process for the next class. She will only be able to take 12.

  1. Roundtable Discussion – Open Forum

Will the Science dept be running extra Microbiology classes to meet the increasing need this summer?

Oliver will ask Merrill at the next LLT meeting. Since last summer, the Science dept has hired another full-time micro instructor. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the demand. Update: Merrill now has summer micro on his prospective needs list.

Full-time faculty that are interested in teaching during the summer are eligible for the increased per-credit-hour rate of $933.00