Students can now sign into their email with their standard SJC username and password.

The MySJC Portal provides current San Juan College students, faculty and administrative staff with quick and easy access to a host of services. This secure site is where you can check e-mail, view your classes, search the course catalog and register for classes, view your pay stubs, access applications, or get the latest campus news.

Not A Current Student, Faculty or Staff Member. You can still access email and account information through these links:

Student Email:
Faculty/Staff Email on Office365 Cloud:
Faculty/Staff Email on Exchange 2003/2010:
Canvas Learning:
Account Information:
Colleague UI 4.4:

Need Assistance? If you having problems accessing student email or logging in, see the Portal FAQ section below, go to the Password Reset / Recovery Center or call the help desk.

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What is my username and password? For Student Accounts your username is first initial + middle initial + last name (first 12 characters only) + last two digits of your Social Security number; and your password is "sjcp" + the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.

Example: The account for student John A. Smith, 123-45-6789, would look like this:
Username: jasmith89
Password: sjcp6789

Having Troubles Logging In? First, follow the instructions below. If you cannot get past the login screen, go to the Password Reset / Recovery Center

On The Portal Login Box, you will need to enter the San Juan College domain (sjcnt) and a backslash (\) before your username. In the previous example, John A. Smith would enter sjcnt\jasmith89. A picture of the proper login is shown below.

Login to the MySJC Portal

Remember: On the portal login box, put sjcnt\ before your username. Example:

Windows Login Dialog Box

Portal FAQ Instructions: Click on a question to expand or collapse answers

MySJC Portal Information

  1. Do I need to login to the Portal?

    Yes. The Portal is a secure system that gives you access to your personal and confidential information. Once logged into the Portal, you will have access to other applications without the need to login.

  2. I can't login / access the Portal!

    Access to the Portal is through your standard San Juan College username and password. On the Portal login box, you will need to enter the San Juan College domain, sjcnt and a backslash (\) before your username. Example:

    Windows Login Dialog Box

    If you still cannot login to the Portal, review the OTS Frequently Asked Questions topics under HelpDesk and Passwords before calling the Help Desk.

    As a note, You now have the ability to reset your own password from the MYSJC Home Page. Simply go to this link: and click on the hyperlink on the right side of the page that says Password Reset / Recovery Center and follow the prompts.

    If after logging in you see a Portal page with the heading "Error: Access Denied", please call the Help Desk or send an email to

  3. Should I logout after using the Portal?

    Yes. And remember to log out of your computer as well when you are finished. The Portal gives you access to your personal and confidential information and without logging out, others can access this information as well.

  4. How do I access the Portal from off campus?

    From a browser, enter the address

  5. What is the preferred browser for the Portal?

    Microsoft Internet Explorer. With other browsers, such as Firefox, you can view content and pages but you will not be able to customize the page layout in a personalized view.

  6. Why do I "Enter my credentials"?

    The Portal has the ability to store your login information on various applications. An example of this is your access to Exchange or Windows Live email. The first time you access an application, you may see the message Your Single Sign-on credentials are not set. Enter your credentials. or Credentials are not set or are no longer valid. Modify your Single Sign-on credentials. Just click the enter/modify credentials link and enter your username and password for that application. The next time you access the application, you are automatically logged in!

    Note: If you password changes, you will again get prompted to enter your credentials for that application.

  7. Are there written documents on using the Portal?

Student Email (Office 365)

  1. What is Outlook Live?

    Outlook Live is a hosted email service provided by Microsoft and serves as San Juan College's student email system. This email system is San Juan College's official mode of communication with students and students are responsible for checking emails on a consistent basis for important information, dates and deadlines from all campus offices. Your email address is

  2. What are the benefits of Outlook Live?
    • Outlook Live is the Official student email. Your teachers, the professional staff of the college and the administration all use this email as the official way to contact you.
    • Outlook Live is an optimized & professional email experience, similar to what you may use in your future workplace
    • You can have up to 10 Gigabytes of storage in your mailbox
    • You any have email attachments up to 20 Megabytes in size
    • You have additional capabilities such as address book, calendaring, instant messaging and more.
    • You can send and receive meeting requests from users with exchange accounts, which includes all San Juan College faculty and staff
    • You can enter other email account information and send and receive emails from other accounts
  3. How do I access my student email?

    Printer friendly version of the MySJC Portal instructions below

    For new students, a student email account has already been created for you at San Juan College. Follow the simple steps below, from the MySJC Portal, to accessyour student email account.

    1. Access Student Email
      • After logging into the MySJC Portal, you will see an Outlook Live Email box that shows the number of unread email messages you have. Click on the message related to the number of unread emails to access your student email account. In the example below, the message is "You have 2 unread messages"

        Number of Unread Email Messages
      • The first time you login to Outlook Live, you will be asked to answer several security questions and set your time zone. After you fill in your answers, click "I Accept" to accept the terms of the Microsoft License Agreement. You will then be taken to your student email account. A sample activation screen is shown below.

        Account Activation Screen
    2. All Done! Now, each time you enter the MySJC Portal, just click on the number of unread messages link to read your student email.

    Printer friendly version of the MySJC Portal instructions above

  4. How do I forward my student email to another email account?

    After accessing your email for the first time, you’ll be able to log on and check your student email on any computer that has internet access by going to

    1. Once you have provided your credentials and have logged in, at the top right you should see your name. Hover over it and follow the drop down to Options and click.
    2. From that page, you’ll see a left side navigation that has General, Mail, etc. Click on the Mail link.
    3. Under the “Manage your account” section; you’ll see an “Email forwarding” link. By clicking that and adding your email address that you wish to forward your mail to in the “Where do you want your messages to be sent?” text box and clicking save, you can have all of your mail forwarded to another email account.

Network Data Drives

  1. What is the H: drive?

    Network file storage is provided for students, faculty and staff and can be accessed on campus by using the mapped drive H:, or through the MySJC Portal. Every user can upload and manage their files on their H: drive. The space is fully protected by the security of the network and is backed up on a regular basis.

  2. What is the S: drive?

    Network file storage is provided for faculty and student class materials and can be accessed on campus by using the mapped drive S:, or through the MySJC Portal. Students may download class materials from the S: drive. The space is fully protected by the security of the network and is backed up on a regular basis.

  3. How do I manage files on my H: drive?

    Coming soon...