Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) strives to provide safe, healthy work and educational environments; free from recognized hazards that could cause injury, illness or damage.

It is the College’s intention that our employees work in the safest conditions possible, in a workplace free from recognizable hazards and with timely access to EHS information, training, and guidance.


Never hesitate to call 911.

Provide detailed information.

State your full name and don't use

For example, say
"San Juan College, Parking Lot C"
"San Juan College,
East Classroom Complex, Room 1116"

EHS Handbook for Employees

For SJC employees only

Redirects to SJC portal website

Login using SJC credentials

Go to the "Quick Links" section

Click on "Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)"

Launch or open MS OneNote

SafeColleges Online Training

For SJC employees only

Click on the link for additional information.

Food Events on College Controlled Properties

College-sponsored event?
Refer to the Food Protocol in the
EHS Handbook for Employees.

Other events?
Contact Facilities Scheduling
at 505.566.3296 for assistance.

Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) must be notified whenever any injury,
illness or damage to property occurs.

Report all medical incidents--regardless of who might be injured or ill and for all
property damage regardless of whether it's college or personal property.

505.215.3091 for 24 hour on-call service
505.522.3333 (or simply 3333 from any campus phone)