School of Health Sciences

School Meeting

Thursday, October 18, 2007



Present: Oliver Borden, David Eppich, Carroll Schnabel, James Pinckard, Diana Lang, Carlton Downing, Jason Curtis, Christopher Johnson, Josh Stratman, Beverlee Rice, Jan Peel, Cat Anderson, Greg Reynolds, Wendy Bircher, Phyllis Aguilera, Joan Arrowsmith, Judy Panek, Theresa Stimson, Sherilyn Oldfield, Todd Thomas.


I. United Way – Linda Baker 

Linda is SJC 2007 campaign chairman. She presented a short video detailing the benefits that are brought to San Juan County through the United Way. San Juan County’s goal this year is $2.4 million dollars. SJC is offering payroll deduction, one-time donation, and a continuous yearly payroll deduction.


II. Library Update/Q&A – Louise Hoffman

            Louise shared the following updates:

1.      Electronic reserves are now being offered. It will allow students to have 24/7 access to any class reference materials or handouts. Instructors are to fill out a special form and return it to the library front desk; turn around time is about 48 hours.

2.   Smart Imaging is now available.

3.   Self-checkout stations are now available.

4.      A small amount of SJC Bond money can be used for any video/DVD teaching materials instructors would like to purchase to be made available for checkout. Louise requested that all in attendance please go through the selection of older Health Science videos and mark which ones are outdated and can be deleted from stock.


III. Counseling Center Update – Ken Kernagis

Ken introduced Deb Krichels, Online Education Advisor, to the school. Deb reminded all in attendance that October is Advising month. All students with less then 25 credit hours can be sent to the Counseling Center to begin planning for the Spring 08 semester.  


IV. Updates from the Dean – Oliver Borden

1.      Shared Message from the LLT: To better serve our students, the LLT is considering changing the Summer/Interim schedule. A handout was presented detailing the request and the five different schedule options. Each department was asked to review each option and forward their feedback to Oliver.

2.      Oliver has forwarded the School’s recommendations to the LLT to change the HHPC rate as well as the recommendation to change the Academic Honesty policy as it relates to Health Sciences. The LLT will vote at the end of October.

3.      Kristy DeVorss has been hired as the Surgical Technology Director effective November 5th.

4.      Pat Everest has been hired as the EMT/Paramedic Director effective November 1st.

5.      The EMT program will be hiring a First Responder Instructor in the next few months to begin teaching in Spring 2008.

6.      Health Sciences’ school meeting will now be scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


V. Department Updates

1.      Dental: No updates at this time.

2.      HHPC: Diana Lang and James Pinckard will be out the week of October 22nd. Fourteen volunteers from the HHPC helped to install new windows in the Frontline Mission building. The HHPC staff is in charge of setting luminarias in the large dirt parking lot in front of the building. Unfolded bags can be checked out at the HHPC front counter. Any help setting, lighting, or cleaning up is greatly appreciated. The Wellness Center staff is scheduled to work two local health fairs in the coming weeks.

3.      HIT: The Electronic Health Record Certification program is coming along nicely.

4.      Nursing: Ten CNA students have started at the new West Campus CNA Lab. The LPN-RN Bridge program will begin in Spring 08 with 20 students. A September 2008 graduation is estimated. Nursing is currently coordinating a special session of presentations and advising at Northern Navajo Medical Center. The event will take place October 30 - November 1, and will focus on the Health Science career opportunities at SJC.

5.      PTA: Of the students that graduated in May, all but one passed the licensing exams. Spring 2008 is promising to be a busy semester with 10 on campus and 30 online students set to enroll; applicant numbers are continuing to explode for the program.


VI. Roundtable Discussion – Open Forum

1.      Space for new and existing programs continues to be an issue. Once again, all were encourages to present any ideas on how we can utilize existing space to Oliver.  

2.      Dave Eppich, Vice President for Student Services presented the following: SJC in looking into providing on campus student housing to serve the large percentage of students who live in outlying areas. He emphasized that it would be basic housing not traditional college dormitories. Dave also encouraged all faculty and staff to be prepared for the predicted job market shift as the Oil and Gas industry begins to slow in the Four Corners. This will no doubt cause an influx of students looking to change fields.


VII. Announcement of Next Meeting

                   Wednesday, November 28, 2008 – Zia Conference Room.