School of Health Sciences

School Meeting

Tuesday, January 8, 2008



Present: Brian Steen, Cody Elledge, James Pinckard, Lisa Wehe, Tonya Nelson, Laurie Gruel, Olivia Hodgins, Kristy DeVorss, Carroll Schnabel, Melody Smith, Mary Doshi, Shawna Kemper, Sandra Johnson, Josh Stratman, Wendy Bircher, Therese Millis, Laura Cotes, Diana Lang, Georgia Cote, Tammy Honold, Sherilyn Oldfield, Kathie Delaney, Phyllis Aguilera, Judy Panek, Heather Moorehead, Nisa Bruce, Julius Manz, Beverlee Rice, Ron Bonebrake, Jason Curtis, Ann Clark, Cat Anderson, Jan Peel, Chris Johnson, Ann Hardy, Deborah Jean, Joan Arrowsmith, Karen Duncan, Marsha Bouchard, Beth Carter, Bonnie Rung, Oliver Borden, Mari Garcia, Mike Tacha.


1.      Strategic Development – Laurie Gruel/Tonya Nelson

a.       Laurie and Tonya provided an overview of the functions of their department. Laurie is the Senior Director of Strategic Development; Tonya is the Grants Development and Compliance Officer. The department is responsible for overall accreditation of SJC through AQIP. SJC just received approval after completing is 7 year activity review through AQIP in fall of 2007. Procuring funds through grants and donations is another function of the department. Once a grant application has been approved through Laurie’s research and proposal, Tonya then works with each area to ensure compliance with grant requirements.

b.      All in attendance were encouraged to send any ideas for grant funding, no matter what the amount, or questions regarding Strategic Development to Laurie and Tonya.


2.      Counseling Center Update – Ken Kernagis/Stacey Bradley

a.       Due to the weather delay, Ken and Stacey were not able to attend.


3.      Updates from the Dean – Oliver Borden

a.       Shared Message from the LLT

2008-2009 Academic Calendar

The 2008-09 Academic Calendar will be available soon upon approval by the President’s Cabinet. To bring the institution into accreditation compliance with student contact hours, one (1) fall convocation day and one (1) faculty in-service day were eliminated from the calendar. Other changes include increasing the Thanksgiving Break by one (1) day, with the break beginning on Tuesday at close of classes(correction)m. In addition, the ˝-day faculty contract day was changed from the afternoon of the last day of Spring Convocation to the morning of the day that grades are due. The proposed start dates for fall semester are:  Fall Convocation-August 19-22; First Day of Classes-August 25. Once the Academic Calendar is approved, it will be posted on the SJC Website for access.

The Office of Learning will immediately begin work on the 2009-2010 Academic Calendar that will include feedback from a subset of administrators, faculty, and staff with the goal of completion before the end of Spring Semester.


Spring Enrollment

Thank you to all who have worked diligently to increase student enrollment and student credit hours. We are hopeful that a strong enrollment for spring semester can raise us to over the required 3% to increase state funding to the institution and recapture what was lost during the past academic year.


Academic Catalog

The Academic Catalog has returned to a one-year catalog and the hard copy will be available the first part of April. The Catalog Committee will continue to meet with a focus on creating an electronic “Smart Catalog” that will be accessible via the internet and will link the Catalog with the class schedule, instructors, course guides, among other items.


Budget Process Beginning

The Annual Budget Process will begin soon, most likely within the next two weeks.


Fall 2008 Academic Class Schedule Process Beginning

Construction of the Academic Class Schedule Process will begin within in the next week, as well.


Review and Evaluation of the Finals Examination Schedule

Upon approval of the 2008-09 Academic Calendar, Academic Scheduling will begin a review and evaluation of the Finals Examination Schedule to address challenges and seek opportunities for developing a more effective and efficient Finals Exam Schedule.


Encourage Attendance at Appropriate Convocation Activities

Between preparation for classes and advising students, faculty are encouraged to participate in appropriate In-Service sessions on Thursday, January 10 in the 9000 rooms in the Henderson Fine Arts Center. Also, plan to attend the All Employee Welcome on Friday, January 11 in the Performance Hall of the Henderson Fine Arts Center. A continental breakfast will be served from 8:00 – 9:00 am prior to the Welcome on Friday.



Supervision of the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTX) has moved under the Office of Learning and the Associate Vice President for Learning.


4.      Department Updates

a.       Dental

                                                              i.      Kathy Hunter has resigned to return to private practice.

                                                            ii.      A Continuing Education and Study Club has been created to serve the Dental community. The group will meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm.

                                                          iii.      There will be a student fundraiser all day on March 14th. Students will be selling whitening kits.

b.      EMS

                                                              i.      Jennifer Halphen has been hired to instruct EMT Basic to the TEC High School students. Classes will be held in room 55342 in the HHPC.

c.       HHPC

                                                              i.      A safety committee has been formed to address the special needs of the HHPC.

                                                            ii.      The HHPC is celebrating its 7th year in operation. A fitness center based in Albuquerque will be opening in Farmington soon. To help encourage enrollment in our facility, the HHPC will be increasing marketing and recruitment.

d.      HIT

                                                              i.      Greg Reynolds has resigned to accept employment with the State.

                                                            ii.      HIT online courses are doing very well.

e.       MLT

                                                              i.      Mary Doshi was introduced as the new director for the MLT program.

                                                            ii.      She is currently working on course outlines with a Fall 2008 program start date.

f.       Nursing

                                                              i.      Kathie Delaney was introduced as the new Admin Assistant II for Nursing.

                                                            ii.      Nursing is very busy with the new Track III LPN-RN program.

                                                          iii.      Ann thanked Diana Lang and Josh Stratman on behalf of the Nursing staff for creating the HHPC Safety Committee.

g.       PTA

                                                              i.      The number of applications has tripled. To date PTA has received 52 applications for the online program and 28 for the on campus program.

                                                            ii.      PTA will be working on their program self-study due this fall.

h.      Surgical

                                                              i.      The first group of students will begin this month. Classes will be held at San Juan Regional until the new building is built.

                                                            ii.      Kristy has already received calls from 30 people interested in entering the program.


5.      Roundtable Discussion – Open Forum

a.       Are there any updates on the Dining Services renovations?

                                                              i.      The bid for construction has come in higher than anticipated. This has caused a significant delay in work. It has become top priority to work thought the problems with the bid and plans. On that note, a question was raised about the HHPC’s snack bar. The cut back in operating hours and the lack of offerings has become an issue with students and staff. Bonnie Rung then shared some information with us from the President’ Advisory Committee meeting she attended. Administration is considering closing the snack bar altogether. Oliver encouraged everyone to submit their thoughts and suggestions on how we can keep the snack bar open to serve our students.

b.      Will the elimination of one of the required in-service days from the Convocation schedule allow each department to host their own training sessions?

                                                              i.      No. The day has been eliminated to add to the number of instruction days. Mike Tacha was able to share more information on why SJC was in need of more instruction hours. With the changes, SJC will now meet the hour requirements on all days except Friday.  

c.       Is Administration aware of the impact the lack of Biology instructors is having on Health Science students completing their pre-requisites? 

                                                              i.      Yes. The budget process for the 2008-2009 fiscal will be underway shortly. Because of the enrollment and revenue generated by the Health Science, our schools need for more Biology instructors will be a top priority.


6.      Announcement of Next Meeting

a.       Wednesday, February 27, 2008 – 1:30-3:30 – Zia.