School of Health Sciences

School Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Present: Cody Elledge, Jason Curtis, Beverlee Rice, James Pinckard, Carlton Downing, Sarah Kennedy, Kathie Delaney, Carroll Schnabel, Sherilyn Oldfield, Melody Smith, Josh Stratman, Judy Panek, Marcel Bieg, Nisa Bruce, Julius Manz, Henry Oh, Phyllis Aguilera, Beth Carter, Cat Anderson, Stacey Bradley, Harold Tso, Olivia Hodgins, Jan Peel, Heather Moorehead, Georgia Romero, Carla Lich, Bonnie Rung, Ann Hardy, Kristy DeVorss, Jackie Sena, Mari Garcia, Oliver Borden.


  1. Advising and Counseling Center Updates – Harold Tso/Stacey Bradley
    1. Harold and Stacey encouraged all to come and check out the new Career Center located in the Advising and Counseling Center. Advising month runs March 16-April 11. They shared the dates for special advising sessions. All information given can be found on the Advising and Counseling web page. 
  2. Shared Message from the LLT
    1. Reminder: The Spring Learning Symposium is on Saturday, February 21st from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm in the HHPC. Full-Time faculty are also encouraged to attend. Faculty that attend will receive a small stipend for their time. Oliver specifically encouraged any faculty that are making the often difficult transition from working to teaching to attend.
    2. Budgets: Oliver updated the group on the financial status of the college. There is still a soft freeze on hiring and every vacant position is being evaluated. Oliver does not see any significant cuts in Health Sciences due to the extreme need for medical professionals throughout the country. The Directors were updated in their last meeting regarding budget construction for the coming fiscal year.
  3. New Building Update
    1. Surgical and MLT held their first classes in the new building on the 5th. Boxes and small equipment are being unpacked and installed. Now that Phase I is winding down, work on Phase II has begun. Preliminary drawings have been submitted for the new building and the remodel in the HHPC.
  4. Reminder: Admissions representatives will be at our March school meeting. Please submit any issues/concerns you would like addressed to Mari by February 20th.  
  5. The February 09 Health Sciences Newsletter was passed out to all in attendance.
  6. Fee Update
    1. The Board approved the fee schedule submitted on the 3rd of February. Twenty programs submitted schedules from Learning. Each fee will be attached to a course number. There will be a review of fees every year to make adjustments for inflation. Administration is working to make sure that every program sees the monies collected put back into their operating budgets.
  7. Zero based Budgeting
    1. Oliver explained the new process the Business Office is using for lines like Travel, Conferences, and Memberships Fees and Dues. Each area must be very specific when communicating the need for these line items.
  8. Department Updates
    1. Dental: The Dental program will have their final review on the 20th. The group thanked the department for being the “guinea pig” for Health Sciences. There will be a bleaching fundraiser on March 13th. The first try is 45.00 and then 35.00 for each additional tray. Dental participated in the “Give Kids a Smile” event on February 6th. Over fifty children received $50,000 worth of dental care. Jan Peel complimented Dental on keeping order with so many patients coming and going that day.
    2. HHPC: The Outdoor Leadership and Recreation program enrollment is up 25%. Memberships to the HHPC are also up compared to this time last year. The first Tahoe Film Festival was very well received. Forty community members and staff attended. The HHPC is hosting a 5K run/walk on campus Saturday, March 14th to bring attention to our facility.
    3. HIT : The SJC Testing Center is now an approved site for the HIT students.
    4. MLT: The new microscopes have been installed in the MLT Lab.
    5. Nursing: Nursing has received a total of 162 applications for 42-44 fall slots.
    6. PTA: No Update
    7. Physical Education: Bev has received the articulation agreement from NMHU for her new degree offerings. She is currently researching transfer credits to other institution as well. Bev gave us an update on her grandson’s condition.
    8. Simulation Center/Respiratory: we received the Certificate of Occupancy on the 6th. The Sim Capture equipment has been installed. Leardal will be coming in the next few weeks to install the mannequins. Henry is also working on the Respiratory program course development and accreditation.
    9. Surgical Tech: Kristy is now holding classes in the new building. Kristy, Jackie and Mary have moved from 30th St.  into the temporary offices located at the end of the hallway in the HHPC.