School of Health Sciences

School Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Present: Cody Elledge, Amy Cooper, Kristy DeVorss, Jackie Sena, Beverlee Rice, Olivia Hodgins, Carlton Downing, Ron Bonebrake, Nisa Bruce, Kathie Delaney, Carroll Schnabel, Sandra Johnson, Stacey Bradley, Wendy Bircher, Jan Peel, Heather Morehead, Josh Stratman, Sherilyn Oldfield, Therese Millis, Marcel Bieg, Mary Doshi, Phyllis Aguilera, Sherry Paxson, Melody Smith, Bonnie Rung, Marsha Bouchard, Karen Duncan, Sarah Kennedy, Mari Garcia, Jon Betz, Kim Coufal, Dave Eppich, Julius Manz


  1. Advising and Counseling Center Updates –Stacey Bradley
    1. Advising and Counseling has distributed table tents around the campus advertising Advising month. Please contact them if any department would like a few extra to distribute around their area.
    2. New Student Orientation dates have been confirmed. Information is up on the plasmas and the web. Stacey will leave some date reference cards with Mari.
  2. Admissions Discussion* - Jon Betz/Kim Coufal

Please see attachment A.  

  1. Updates from the Dean/LLT
    1. April 6th – Tarpley Awards
    2. Budget Updates: State revenue is still down and property taxes are showing a decline. The only other areas we can control as an institution are fees and tuition. Administration is continuing to look at every avenue to help alleviate the situation. The possibility of four day work weeks or furloughs is also being considered. Julius encouraged anyone who may have an idea on how we can save or earn more revenue to please e-mail those suggestions to Oliver and copy Mari.
  2. Health Sciences Newsletter
    1. The March newsletter was distributed.
  3. Department Updates
    1. Dental: The entire class passed their anesthesia boards.
    2. HHPC: All updates appear in the newsletter. 
    3. HIT: Sandra Johnson is serving on the editorial review board for a new textbook.
    4. MLT: Mary is busy moving in all equipment and instruments in her new classroom. She is also busy teaching this semester.
    5. Nursing: Nursing is busy with applications and curriculum work.
    6. PTA: The class of 2007 is at a 100% pass rate. Work is winding down on the 10-year self study.
    7. Physical Education: Bev and Marty Hill will be presenting Bev’s online Physical Education courses at a national conference in Tampa, FL.
    8. Simulation Center/Respiratory: Henry and Bobbie are attending training on Texas at the Leardal Manufacturing facility.    
    9. Surgical Tech: All updates appear in the newsletter.
  4. Roundtable Discussion – Open Forum
    1. No items offered for discussion.

                     Attachment A


1.      How long should it take from applying to the college to the assignment of a student (Datatel) number?

Ø  Datatel numbers are automatically assigned at the end of the process of entering an application into the system. This process can take a minimum of 24 hours up to 48 hours, depending on what time of the year the application is submitted. Many of our applications are provided via the internet. Although a prospective student may submit the application at 5:01 on a Friday, we do not pull the application until Monday morning.  The 24-48 hours starts from that point on. Roxanna Hughes is the one who enters these applications. Please send any e-mails to her specifically with a very detailed subject line and include as much identifying information as you have on the student. Admissions is also continuing to work on trying to link the online application information to datatel directly to eliminate the manual input. Jon added during the discussion of this question that Admissions has had a consulting firm do an analysis on their processes. Several of the issues presented today have been directly addressed by the report. Hopefully by this time next year, these issues will no longer exist. Communication was stressed several times.

2.      Who should be contacted if we cannot find a Student (Datatel) number?

Ø  Contact Admissions. There are a myriad of reasons to “not find a Datatel number” and therefore, there may be many different people within Admissions to contact. In addition, depending on the information you wish to have, people have different accesses to Datatel and can/cannot retrieve certain information. Typically, we recommend you try to pull up a student first by name, then by social security number. Kim shared that there is no specific format you must use when inputting a student’s name. Generally speaking, if you cannot find a student in the system through this means, they are simply not in the system. Once again, communication with admissions, anyone in admissions, was stressed.

3.      How long should it take to evaluate official transcripts for acceptable transfer credit?

Ø  No official transcript evaluations or posting of transfer credit to the student’s academic record will be done until after the student has enrolled at SJC and the official census day has passed. If the student has attended SJC and transferred to another college, no transfer credit will be posted to their SJC academic record until the student re-enrolls at SJC and the appropriate date requirements outlined have been met. It is really up to the student to make sure that all this information has been turned in in a timely manner. SJC does not want to discourage enrollment by setting dates far in advance. If all of the above is in place, the transcript is placed in order of receipt, and evaluations are completed. Dianne Mahan is the person in charge of transcript evaluations.  Once we have everything in place to evaluate, the actually evaluation process takes anywhere from two to seven days, depending on whether or not it is a peak period, as well as how many transcripts we have to evaluate.

Many times the evaluator only evaluates the courses that are specific to the major. A student can go the Advising or the specialty advisor to have an unofficial evaluation done. Jon did remind the group that when evaluating any transcripts that come from a school using a quarter system, the advisor must multiply the credit by .67 to determine if the number matches our requirements.

4.      Discuss the process the Nursing program uses to obtain transcripts that are from somewhere other than SJC.

Ø  To maintain their application deadlines, the Nursing Department requests transcripts to be sent to the department separate from the ones sent to Admissions. The student is told that Admissions will make the final decision on the SJC application, but that it helps the application process to submit one the department. Is this process acceptable? Kim and Jon saw nothing wrong with this procedure. Kim did point out that when a student receives their welcome letter from Admissions, they do tell the student to contact their specialty advisors for program specific admission.

5.      On the SJC transcript in Web Advisor transfer credits show up as General electives XX Credits; once Admissions has officially accepted transfer credit. We were told that in Datatel we would be able to drill down and see the actual course numbers on the official transfer transcript. Is this possible?

Ø  When the college moved to new software, it was decided that entering individual courses for every student would be impossible to accomplish in a timely manner. If a student has more than 4, 6, or 8 transfer credits showing on the transcript, then e-mail/call Dianne Mahan and ask her to “unbundle” the students transfer credits.

6.      When advising students is there a way to avoid signing in twice to gain access to Web Advisor?

Ø  Go to SJC web page. Use the Quick Search option. Click on Web Advisor, Log In. That’s the easiest way we know to not have to log in twice. You can also copy and paste a short cut on your desk top that will take you straight to Web Advisor.

7.      Can I allow students that I advise to register on-line? Is there a flag/hold that would force the person to call me?

Ø  As an advisor, you will need to refer to Ken Kernagis to answer this question fully. From an Admissions only perspective, students are blocked from Web Advisor if they have not completed at least 24 credit hours (Advisors need to go to the PERC screen and unblock their advisor hold). After the hold is lifted, and unless a student has another hold on their account (ex: library, business office, financial aid…), they should be able to register. Also, please keep in mind the registration dates. Is the student trying to register outside the normal dates of pre/post registration? If there is a challenge accessing the online registration, please call OTS help desk.

8.      Is there a method to eliminate the words contact “instructor” or “instructor permission” for a limited access program in the printed schedule?

Ø  This is an issue that Linda Baker would need to address.

9.      Find a way to streamline the registration process for H.S. students.

Ø  Needs to be addressed in a face-to-face meeting when more time can be devoted to the issue.

10.  Complaint from students, faculty and staff that the phone just rings and rings (especially during the end and beginning of the semester). We realize these are busy times for admissions but it increases the frustration with the registration process

Ø  Yes, it is difficult to answer the phone when you have all your people assisting students who are in line, trying to process the applications that come in (averages 50 per day and time to enter averages 20 minutes each due to the constant interruptions), trying to evaluate transcripts, trying to keep up with “clean up”, trying to get all students registered in the correct class, dealing with residence, international students, change of information, change of status, transcript requests, and answering the phone that rings non –stop at every desk, on several lines. As you know, SJC has grown exponentially; however, the Admissions staff has not. In addition, we have lost 40% of our professional staff, and they may not be replaced. Please know we do our utmost best to handle ALL students’ needs during ALL times of the year. Please also consider that EVERY student, in EVERY program, for ANY reason, must come through Admissions. In addition, for whatever reason, Admissions seems to be the place all calls are forwarded to if no one else knows how to answer it. We would appreciate any help with this you would be willing to give. Dave Eppich interjected that there has been an analysis of student intake issues we are having with an increased number of on-campus and online students. Based on that information, different task forces have been created to find a solution. They are also looking into the different options available with the new phone system i.e.: A message that tells people calling in that we are experiencing a high volume of calls and to please be patient with us.

11.  Add/Drop slip process needs clarification for online students.

Ø  For students who cannot physically have a slip signed and turned in because of distance, Admissions will accept an e-mail or fax. However, the e-mail must have a concrete identifier like a signature and social or photo. Note: this was specifically addressing students who need to drop all classes or drop then add a class. Any student that needs to drop one class can do so through Web Advisor.

12.  Review and discuss registration/permission to take certain classes:  i.e. MATH 114; PHYS 111; BIOL 112, etc.

Ø  For now the procedure we have is working. The student sends you an e-mail specifically asking to be registered into the class; you as the advisor send it to Admissions giving your permission. We then register the student and confirm. This way we have it on paper that they asked to be registered and were not just asking for information on the class. This will remedy the issue we have with students who do not pay and then claim they did not want to register.

13.  Is there a way to accommodate the health sciences courses that do not run concurrently with the college semesters?  Students can’t enter in to a random course; they have to be run simultaneously.

Ø  This question was specifically related to grading. Jon stated that the Instructor just needs to call and ask for the course grading to be “turned on”. There is however nothing they can do about the deadlines that have been decided on by administration. There may be a way to enter and then roll special beginning and dates for courses like this. Admissions is continually working with OTS to try to utilize Datatel in every way. 

14.  During the summer, we (OLER/HHPC) offer classes that will start on Saturday and will end on a Sunday.  We have students that do not register for the class but will show up on the first day.  We do not want to turn these people away….however, we cannot get them registered into the class until after the class is finished.  How are we supposed to enroll these students into classes?

Ø  Ideally the student needs to register prior to the course no matter what. If there are occasional situations where you have a few students that come the day of, all information and payments must be turned in Monday morning. The State will begin to question how the college should be reimbursed for a student who registered after the class ended.

15.  On occasion we (OLER/HHPC) have classes that begin and end before census date.  One issue we are running into is that students will enroll in the class, participate in the class and then they get dropped for nonpayment.  Unfortunately there are lab fees (food, lodging, etc…) associated with these classes and the student does not pay these fees.  Essentially they are getting to go on field outings and take the class for free.  Is there a way we can stop this?

Ø  There were several suggestions on how to remedy this issue. Proof of payment must be presented by the student before they can leave with the class. Moving the classes up a week or back a week to avoid census. Admission is also looking into changing the drop for nonpayment to an earlier date. Marcel and Josh will continue to work on this with Jon.

16.  When we submit a substitution waiver for a class that means we as the health professionals will accept it, it is at times very difficult to get admissions to accept the substitution despite that fact.

Ø  This statement is true when it comes to the courses that are medical courses. When it comes to the general education courses, Admissions must make the decision. Jon utilizes the Deans of Business, Humanities, Math and Science to assist him in making sure the courses truly are equal. Jon stated that he will be holding a meeting in the very near future with all the Deans to address this issue. New protocols and procedures need to be put in place to handle substitution waivers more efficiently and properly.


Everyone thanked Jon and Kim for coming and the information they provided. Dave ended the discussion with an update on the background check issue. The handbooks and policies from each Health Sciences program are being reviewed by legal counsel. There will a meeting on April 15th to go over the findings.