School of Health Sciences

School Meeting

Thursday, December 3, 2009



Note: Dr. Julius Manz presided over the meeting in Dean Borden’s absence.


  1. Service Learning – Mip Van Suchtelen

Mip has replaced Larry Palmer as the Service Learning Director. During her presentation she covered that many options and benefits Service Learning can provided our students:

    1. Link academic studies with service experience.
    2. Personal growth and development for participants.
    3. Lifelong commitment to service and civic involvement.

Mip provided a handout of her presentation to all attendees.

  1. New Refund Policy – Dianne Garcia

Dianne went over the following items:

1.     The new refund policy that has been attached to the drop for non-pay policy.  

2.     The new full payment guidelines.

3.     The new general refund policy.

The new guidelines and polices will be in effect starting in spring 2010. Dianne provided tow handouts, one for staff giving a detailed explanations and specific dates; and one to handout to students as a general reminder.

  1. Counseling Center Update – Stacey Bradley

Stacey commented on how the new refund policy will affect the students. Historically, SJC has been very lenient regarding drops for non-pay. Though the new policy is in keeping with national standard, the students will need to be reminded often. The new policy will allow us to fill sections with properly screened and prepared students. New Student Orientation is next week. Two of the five sections are completely full.

  1. Health Sciences Newsletter

The newsletter for November/December was handed out.

  1. Department Updates
    1. Dental – Work on accreditation continues.
    2. HHPC – Students are being invited to come de-stress during finals weeks by participating in the “Wii Games”. The Marcel Beige was recognized for obtaining a permit from the BLM for OLER activities in Moab, UT.
    3. HIT – Department absent from meeting.
    4. MLT – The first cohort is finishing up over the next few weeks. Mary and Jackie are continuing work on accreditation.
    5. Nursing – Nursing is currently in the open application period. The Track II pinning ceremony will be on December 16th in the 9000s rooms.
    6. PTA – All department updates are in the current newsletter.
    7. Physical Education – Bev had no updates at this time.
    8. Simulation Center – No updates available at this time.
    9. Respiratory – The self-study has been sent to CoArc. Classes are scheduled to start in February.
    10. Surgical Tech – The new Surgical Tech Instructor, Jeremy White, will be starting on January 4th. Their pinning ceremony will be on December 14th in the Zia. The next cohort will be starting in January. Fifteen students have been accepted into the program.