School of Health Sciences

School Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, January 5, 2009




       I.            Updates from the Dean

1.      Oliver went over a few points that were touched on at convocation particularly Budget. He will keep us all updated as he receives the information. He also touched on the conservation efforts that have been implemented.

2.      He also touched on the replacement process of key pieces of machinery. This is going to be a new way of thinking for the college.

3.      Oliver encouraged attendance to the briefing session scheduled for Friday on the retirement benefits change.


    II.            Department Updates

1.      Dental

a.       The accreditation self-study has been mailed.

b.      The accreditation site-visit has been scheduled for February 23-24.

c.       Tammy Honold has finished her Maters program and will be graduating in the spring.

2.      HHPC

a.       They are busy preparing for the start of classes next week and the influx of students it will bring.

b.      Marcel is recovering from an ankle injury. He will be back next week.

3.      HIT

a.       Stimulus money has been received to encourage growth in the Electronic Health Records Field. There is a possibility that SJC will become a regional training center for professionals that would like to update their training in EHR.

4.      MLT

a.       The accreditation site visit will be February 11-12.

5.      Nursing

a.       Nursing is still in the application phase.

b.      Sixty-four students have been accepted into the two tracks starting in fall.

c.       Roxana Johnson is the new Administrative Assistant IV in Nursing. Phyllis will be retiring, but will stay on temporarily to help with the transition.

6.      PTA

a.       Thirty-two students have been accepted into the two cohorts.

b.      Lisa Easley is the new Records Clerk V for the program

c.       Karen Soenksen is the new Instructor. She replaced Jackie Underwood.

7.      Physical Education

a.       All PHED, DANC and HLTH courses are filling up very fast this spring.


8.      Simulation Center

a.       Jill Sutton is the Director for the Simulation Center. She will continue to work heavily with Nursing, but will be exploring new opportunities to utilize the Simulation Center to its fullest capacity.

9.      Respiratory

a.       CoARC has completed its review of the self-study. All standards have been met, now we are awaiting the final signature.

b.      The first cohort will be starting in February with eighteen students.

10.  Surgical Tech

a.       Jeremy White is the new Instructor in the program.

b.      The majority of the students that graduated in December are now employed.

    III.         Roundtable Discussion Open Forum

1.      Nisa asked if any information had come from Advising and Counseling regarding Advised Registration Day and the need for volunteers. No emails had been received by Mari or Oliver. Oliver will check with Ken Kernagis and send out the information as soon as possible.