School of Health Sciences

School Meeting

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



I.            Developmental Education: Where Do We Go From Here? – LuAnn Walton        

Karla and LuAnn are co-chairs. Developmental Ed does affect all programs, even the programs that don’t deal directly with developmental education courses. They are looking into different ways to assist students. If there is a student that is struggling, you can refer them to the Developmental Ed. An email will be going out to ask for volunteers on the task force. Developmental Ed is vital to feeding our pipelines in Health Sciences. The core team is meeting twice a month until everything is put into place. Please fill out the survey that was sent out a few weeks back.


II.            Online Services Update – Sam Bachert

1.      Online Services has restructured who is doing what. Sam is now full-time faculty support for Angel. He distributed a survey to all who use Angel. He and Lynn Lane would like to know what time of the day you need help the most.

2.      Angel has the capability to offer a course evaluation that can replace the current Scantron method. Please contact him if you are interested in utilizing this tool.

3.      Blackboard has bought out Angel. Blackboard has agreed to support our software until 2012.


III.            Updates from the Dean*

1.      Shared Message from the LLT

§  Learning Initiatives

During the October school meetings, faculty was requested to provide input into the newly emerging Learning initiatives. Some of the initiatives have been modified based on faculty input. During November, the Learning Leadership Team (LLT) requested further feedback on the initiatives. Based on that feedback, the Learning Initiatives are evolving and most Action Projects are complete. The LLT determined that the AQIP Action Project documents used for accreditation would be used for all learning initiatives in an attempt to create a uniform process for developing, monitoring, measuring, and studying initiative progress and success. See attached Action Projects.

§  Assessment Committee Update

The Assessment Committee held a session during convocation to update the campus on assessment work and to showcase assessment projects throughout San Juan College. 

The committee has gathered artifacts throughout the Fall semester for CSLO assessment.  They will continue to gather artifacts during the spring semester.  CSLO assessment will occur during the Summer 2010. 

The committee would like to invite interested faculty to join us in assessing student artifacts for the CSLOs.  We are interested in developing additional assessment teams.  Please contact your assessment representative or the committee chair.

Many schools have followed up their Assessment Action Plans from last spring with an Assessment report of their efforts.  These reports will soon be found on the SJC webpage.

The committee will be asking that schools formulate new Assessment Action Plans and submit them to the committee this spring to continue the Assessment loop.

Questions: contact school assessment committee representatives or Mary Schumacher-Hoerner, ex. 3064.

§  Budget Build Process

The budgets that were turned in to Oliver (thank you) will be taken to the LLT on Thursday, February 18th.

§  Inclement Weather Impact on Class Credit Hours

The following question was raised by the Faculty Association:

Storms such as the one on Thursday and the resulting cancellation that day are  simply consequences of winter and are unlikely to happen too often in Farmington. The concern, however, is with the delays to 10 AM which in our case means class cancellations for the 8:30 AM classes.  Last week 8:30 AM classes that met either T-TH or T-TH-F were canceled for the entire week.  Such delays are a more frequent occurrence than closings, and with last week we have already come close to reaching the number of such delays we had for the entire winter last year.  If we have 5 or 6 more of these this semester it could amount to missing more than 3 weeks of classes for the early morning.  You can see the problem here for these classes. Do we have any plans to deal with this potential problem?

The Learning Leadership Team has contemplated this inquiry. While inclement weather delays and cancellations are unusual, they do periodically occur. Contact hours in the current scheduling process are such that with one inclement weather delay or cancellation, contact hours are still very close to the required Carnegie unit. This minimal time discrepancy could be made up with an additional assignment, asking the class to remain a few minutes longer for the remainder of the semester, or by conducting additional coursework using the course management system (Angel). If you are uncertain as to how to cover missed classes resulting from inclement weather delays or cancellations, please see your director.

The Learning Leadership Team also respectfully requests members of the Faculty Association to direct future instructional inquires to their appropriate dean. Deans will carry the inquiry to the LLT for discussion and report back through the Office for Learning Shared Messages or other mechanisms.

§  Learning Symposium

The Learning Symposium is scheduled for Saturday, February 27, 2010 from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm at the CTX. If you are interested in presenting, please contact Laura Kerr (, CTX Coordinator, or Allan Nass (, Director of Human Services Education. Presenters are paid a $75.00 stipend (taxable).

The Learning Symposium offers mini-workshops and sessions to provide instructors with a variety of opportunities to help them with classroom effectiveness, improve student retention and learning, and more. If you are interested in attending, please contact Anna Ashford ( in the CTX.

Oliver asked if they going to pay the regular faculty for going like they have in years past. We will follow-up.


2.      Phase II

March 2nd the drawings for Phase II will be going to the SJC Board, then to the NM HED. If the plans pass, a call for bids will go out in late April.

IV.            February Newsletter

      The February Newsletter was distributed.


V.            Department Updates

1.      Dental

Accreditation site visit is next week (23-24). “Give Kids a Smile” was a success. 50 kids were provided $37,000 worth of dentistry.

Team for Strategic Oversight update: Communication issues on campus will be the focus of this year’s task force. There will be a survey going out to all staff very soon. Please be sure to fill it out.

2.      HHPC

Climbing competition will be on Wednesday, February 17th.

The Tahoe Adventure Film Festival will be on Thursday, February 18th from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30p.m.

3.      HIT

The department should receive a decision on the Electronic Health Records Grant by March 18th.

4.      MLT

The accreditation visit went very well. The inspection team says the program has the look of a ten year program. Mary will be attending the annual educator’s conference next week with Oliver.

5.      Nursing

Judy is currently going through 171 applications for fall. About 100 are qualified since this is a Track II application year, 64 students will be accepted.  

6.      PTA

Wendy and Amy are at a conference. Amy will be taking a group of online and on-campus students to the cadaver lab at UNM.

Therese is a member of the Faculty President’s Advisory Committee. She will be meeting on Friday. Please let her know if there are any issues or concerns you would like her to share.

7.      Physical Education

917 students are currently enrolled in PHED, HLTH, and DANC classes. That is a new record for the department. Marty Hill and Bev gave a presentation last year at a national conference on online physical education courses. They have now been asked to contribute an article on the subject for national publication. Oliver used this opportunity to thank the HHPC, PHED and OLER departments for their contributions to Health Sciences. These departments are the only reason our school is able to make a profit.

8.      Simulation Center

Jill was absent.

9.      Respiratory  

18 Respiratory students will be starting classes on February 17th. Applications are still coming in.

10.  Surgical Tech

The 15 students who started in January are doing very well. The national conference is in May this year. The students would like to attend with Kristy and Jeremy so they will be holding several bake sales to raise funds. Oliver thanked Kristy for being flexible and taking three extra students this year.


  VI. Roundtable Discussion – Open Forum

Nisa – According the official SJC Board meeting minutes from February 2009, the current course fees were only approved for one academic year. Nisa asked is there has been any mention to bring the fees before the Board again or if they will be allowed to expire. Oliver will bring the issue up with Mike Tacha at their next meeting, Mike stated that this was a review process on an annual basis.