School of Health Sciences

School Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, April 15, 2010



I.            Open Switch Enrollment – Sherrie Biringer

a.       Sherrie spoke to the group regarding the upcoming Open/Switch Enrollment window.

1.      She shared information regarding Blue Cross/Blue Shield, SJC Retirement health insurance changes, and flexible spending accounts. She provided three handouts to assist employees that are considering any kind of changes. (attached)

II.            Counseling Center Update – Stacey Bradley

a.       New Student Orientation sessions are all full. Each one was increased to 90 students to meet the demand. Regular registration starts on the 30th of April.

b.      There will be a special orientation on May 5th and 6th exclusively for graduating high school seniors and their parents. All departments/programs can request a booth to provide information for potential students.

III.            Updates from the Dean

a.       Forms Library – Make sure all forms we are using are the most accurate, most recent form. Please check the website regularly.

b.      Policies Posted on the Website Student – Many program student handbook policies and procedures refer directly to the SJC policies procedure. However, we need to make sure you know what the policy says. Check the policies governing student life regularly on the Student Services website.

IV.            March Newsletter – March newsletter was distributed.

V.            Department Updates

a.       Dental

1.      Pinning Ceremony – May 7th twelve students will be pinned.

2.      Twelve students have been chosen for the next cohort.

3.      The pass rate for the Dental is still at 100% for the 7th year in a row.

4.      The students will be holding their annual yard sale on June 4th. All are welcome to stop by or to donate items.

b.      HHPC

1.      The 5K trail Run will be Saturday, April 24th at 8:00am.

2.      Kudos to Jason! There are 164 people participating in the SJC Fit Club.

3.      Blood screening -  Tuesday, April 20th from 6:30am to 9:00am

4.      River Fest is fast approaching. Anyone that is interested in volunteering to help with raft rides, please see Josh.

5.      The HHPC has received many requests for raft rides including Leadership New Mexico and the Pathways program.

c.       HIT

1.      SJC is part of a consortium that has been selected to receive grant money to continue development of Electronic Health Records curriculum. Our HIT Program will receive approximately $900,000 over the next two to three years.

2.      The department in busy dealing with increased student numbers.




d.      MLT

1.      If we come in contact with any science majors or professionals that are considering going back to school, please encourage them to look into the MLT program.

2.      The pass rate for the last graduating class is at 100%.

e.       OLER

1.      OLER is entering their busy season.

2.      Marcel is still experiencing success in procuring usage permits for the program.

3.      Administration has approved funds to purchase new fleets of white water rafts and kayaks.

f.       PTA

1.      Ann Fourr, Adjunct Instructor, was awarded the Health Sciences Adjunct Faculty Tarpley Award.

2.      The first group of online students are on campus for their labs and will be leaving on Sunday. The second group will be coming in right after and will be here until the 30th.

3.      Pinning Ceremony – May 7th.

g.      Respiratory  

1.      The advisory board meeting was held on May 7th. It was a very successful and productive meeting.

2.      The state licensing board has submitted Henry’s name to the Governor as a possible member.

h.      Surgical Tech

1.      Jackie Sena was awarded the Merrion Distinguished Scholar award

2.      Northern Navajo Medical Center and the Cortez Surgery Center have been added as clinical sites.

3.      Kristy and Jeremy will be attending the national conference in Dallas in May. Four students will also be attending.