PTA Advisory Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2008


Present:  Wendy Bircher, Barbara Christensen, Don Blackburn, Alicia Souvignier, Kim Noyes, Todd Thomas, Therese Millis, Amy Cooper, Debbie Haag, Sue Clay, Brittney Norman


Next Meeting:  April 16, 2008, PTA Lab Room #55333


I.    Announcements:

·          Previous PTA Advisory Board Meeting Minutes are now available on the PTA Program website:


II.   Old Business:

·          Continued additions to library to supplement material for licensing exams.

·          Review of budgets for online and on-campus programs.


III. New Business:

·          Eight students from the on-campus class of 2007 have taken the exam and one has not passed and will re-take exam. (88% pass rate for this class).

·          Seven students from the online class of 2007 are in the process of registering to take exam.  All are planning to attend graduation this coming spring.  One has taken the exam and passed.

·          Of the six students from the on-campus class of 2008, one is on a formal POA.

·          Of the five students from the online class of 2008 one student is on a formal POA.

·          On-Campus class of 2009 (8) students – five males, three females.  One is on a formal POA.

·          Online class of 2009 (20) – two males, eighteen females (NM, MI, TX, CO AZ, LA, WY, CA, Canada.  One is on a formal POA.

·          Active applications for August 2008 for online program = 64; on-campus program = 35

·          Continue to receive multiple job offers for our graduates every week with salaries ranging from $32,000 to $55,000.

·          Self-Study report is due April 1, 2009.

·          Annual accreditation report is due October 1, 2008.

·          Review by advisory board of program policies and procedures and accreditation guidelines in preparation for the self-study.

·          Accreditation On-Site visit will be July 12 – 15, 2009.

·          Power Point CEU: Review of General PTA MAC Skills – 6.0, Review of Specific PTA MAC Skills – 4.0


IV. Upcoming Workshops:

·          Stabilization for PTA’s

V.   Discussion:

·          On-line students continue to need housing during the on-campus lab sessions.




Wendy D Bircher, PT. EdD.                                                 04/02/2008

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