PTA Advisory Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

July 16, 2008


Present:  Wendy Bircher, Amy Cooper, Jackie Underwood, Don Blackburn, Brittney Norman


Next Meeting:  January 14, 2009 PTA Lab Room #55333


I.    Announcements:

·          Previous PTA Advisory Board Meeting Minutes are now available on the PTA Program website:


II.   Old Business:

·          Continued additions to library to supplement material for licensing exams.

·          Review of budgets for online and on-campus programs.


III. New Business:

·          Eight students from the on-campus class of 2007 have taken the exam and one has not passed and will re-take exam. (88% pass rate for this class).

·          Seven students from the online class of 2007 are in the process of registering to take exam.  Five have taken and passed the exam.

·          Online Class of 2008 has begun full-time clinical rotations.

·          On-Campus class of 2009 (7) students – four males, three females. 

·          Online class of 2009 (19) – two males, seventeen females (NM, MI, TX, CO AZ, WY, CA, Canada). 

·          Class of On-Campus 2010 has 14 students and Online has 39 students in 2 online classes

·          Continue to receive multiple job offers for our graduates every week with salaries ranging from $32,000 to $55,000.

·          Self-Study report is due April 1, 2009.

·          On-site visit will be in July 2009.

·          Annual accreditation report is due December, 2008.

·          Review by advisory board of program policies and procedures and accreditation guidelines in preparation for the self-study.

·          We have 4 full-time instructors and 2 adjunct faculty for the Fall semester


IV. Upcoming Workshops:

·          Stabilization for PTA’s

·          Free Power Point Presentation on the general concepts of the PTA MACS for 6.0 CEU’s

·          Free Power Point Presentation on the specific skills of the PTA MACS for 4.0 CEU’s



Wendy D Bircher, PT. EdD.                                                 09/30/2008

PTA Program Director                                                            Date