PTA Advisory Board Meeting

Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2009


Present:  Wendy Bircher, Therese Millis, Amy Cooper, Jackie Underwood, Brittney Norman, Greg McManus, Regina Scheffing, Tom Wiley, and Don Blackburn


Next Meeting:  June 17, 2009 PTA Lab Room #55333


I.    Announcements:

·          Previous PTA Advisory Board Meeting Minutes are now available on the PTA Program website:


II.   Old Business:

·          Continued additions to library to supplement material for licensing exams.

·          Budgets for online and on-campus programs will be stopped as early of February due to the economy.


III. New Business:

·          Pass Rate for the Class of 2007 is 100%

·          Pass Rate for the Class of 2008 is 78% (7/9 have passes exam; 2 still need to take the exam for

            first time)

·          Online Class of 2009 (19) – Two students are on a formal plan of action (POA) for academic

·                      reasons

·          On-Campus Class of 2009 (7) – All students are on their final full-time clinical rotation

·          On-Campus Class of 2010 – 8 students still in the program; one has dropped; two on POA

·          Online Class of 2010 – 19 students still in the program; two have dropped; 3 on a POA

·          Self-Study has been completed, reviewed, and accepted by Advisory Board members.  Plan to submit final report the first week of May

·          Kroll will be the additional background check company we will use prior to clinical placement

·          Review of new Health Careers Brochure

·          Discontinue fees collected for licensing exam beginning with next cohort in January 2010

·          Compliment/complaint link has been added to PTA Program website at: 


·          Acceptance is now based on the following:


o   GPA (65%)

o   Health Occupation Aptitude Exam (20%)

o   References (15%)

o   New Mexico Resident (5%)

o   Re-applicant credit for students’ waitlisted the previous year (1%)


·         Decrease in observation hours from 20 to 5 without site specific requirement

·         Review and acceptance of the following policy and other changes:


o   Academic Requirement Policy

o   Clinical Competence and Resolution Policy

o   Clinical Site and Academic Program Communication Policy

o   Clinical Site Placement Policy

o   Clinical Skills Assessment Policy

o   Evaluation of Students Policy

o   Student confidentiality statement

o   Memorandum of Agreement

o   Formal Plan of Action

o   Program Fees for Online and On-Campus Students



IV. Upcoming Workshops:


·          Free Power Point Presentation on the general concepts of the PTA MACS for 6.0 CEU’s

·          Free Power Point Presentation on the specific skills of the PTA MACS for 4.0 CEU’s

·          CEU’s for CI from the state of NM for a maximum of 10 contact hours in one year/one time only

·          APTA Clinical Instructor Credentialing Course will be August 22-23 at San Juan College




Wendy Bircher, PT. EdD.                                                3-18-09

On-Campus PTA Program Director                                          Date



Therese        Millis, PT                                        

Online PTA Program Director