Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2009


Present:  Wendy Bircher, Don Blackburn, Kim Noyes, Greg McManus, Tom Wiley


Next Meeting:  March 10, 2009; PTA Classroom; #55336; 6:00-7:00 pm.







·         We are still advertising for records clerk V-last two interviews did not produce a viable candidate

·         Pass rate for Class of 2008 is 80% (8 have passed; 2 have not; 1 needs to take it)

·         Pass rate for On-campus class of 2009 (7) is 71%; 2 students need to re-take exam

·         Online class of 2009 (19) – all students are progressing well and are on full-time clinical rotations

·         On-campus class of 2010 – 1/7 students is on a formal plan of action/academic reasons

·         Online classes of 2010 – no student is on a formal plan of action/academic reasons

·         Response to On-Site Review team report was submitted on September 1, 2009

·         Jackie Underwood has completed her Master of Science degree in Clinical Practice Management

·         Review of revised course syllabi

·         Review of the following policies and procedures

§  Clinical site placement policy

§  Evaluation of students policy


·         Discussion regarding curriculum changes in program from six semesters to five semesters per CAPTE requirement; discontinued physics with permission from Curriculum Review committee and the PTA program Advisory Board.  Will continue to review additional changes, as needed.


Upcoming workshops:


·         Power Point Presentation on the general concepts in the PTA MACS for        4.0 CEU’s

·         Power Point Presentation on the specific skills in the PTA MACS for 6.0 CEU’s       

·         Cardiopulmonary Assessment for PTs and PTAs will be October 10-11, 2009 at San Juan College.  Course will provide 11 CEUs and will cost $225 before 9-15 and $275 after 9-15.



Wendy Bircher, PT. EdD                                                     9-16-09

On-Campus PTA Program Director                                          Date



Therese Millis, DPT                  

Online PTA Program Director