Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Enrollment Services

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Enrollment Services

How do I apply?
What is the application fee?
Is there an application deadline?
Does San Juan College require a minimum SAT or ACT score?
Where do I take the Accuplacer Test?
Does San Juan College accept the GED?
How do I apply for Financial Aid?
What is my username and password?
How do I print a copy of my unofficial San Juan College transcript?
Where do I get a Student ID?
Where do I pay for my tuition?
If I attend San Juan College, will the credits that I receive transfer to another college or university?
If I submit my application online, how long will it take before I can register for classes?
When can I visit San Juan College?
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Dual Credit

Can my Dual Credit grades impact my future enrollment at SJC?
Do the grades I receive as a Dual Credit student affect the Lottery Scholarship?
Am I eligible for financial aid?
Do I have access to other SJC services and facilities?
Where do I pick up my textbooks?
Where is the Dual Credit office located?
If my high school is closed do I still need to attend my SJC class?
Can my parent/guardian or anyone else have access to my information at the college?