Open to all San Juan County families (children ages birth to 3 years), Children's Behavioral Health (CBH) provides an array of services.

Therapeutic strategies designed to reduce the risk of social, emotional distress and disruptions in the relationship between an infant and parent/caregiver.  Such risk factors in the infant/toddler and/or parental/caregive may be due to vulnerabilities and/or environmental factors that are negatively impacting the infant and parent/caregiver-infant relationship.


The CBH program promotes family strengths and stability and provides ways for families to access the resources they need.  It is funded through grants and contracts.

For More Information, contact:

Nicole DeHerrera

SJC Children's Behavioral Health
Phone: (505) 566-3846    Fax: (505) 566-3687
Services supported by San Juan College and funded by New Mexico Department of
Children, Youth, and Families, San Juan United Way and Children's Trust Fund.