Next Steps for Online Students

Welcome to San Juan College!  Are you interested in taking online courses at San Juan College? 
Below are steps to follow as you get started at San Juan College.  Feel free to contact the or any of the specific offices if you have any questions or concerns.

1.     Apply to San Juan College 


          Paper (Needs Written Signature) 
              $10 Fee

         Print and Mail 
              Admissions Office
              4601 College Blvd
              Farmington, NM  87402  

         Print and Fax 
              (505) 566-3500 Attention: Roxanna Hughes                       

2.     File for Financial Aid
        SJC Financial Aid Office
        Web Site

3.     Submit High School/GED and College Transcript(s)

        Request Official Transcript Form
        Send form to your High School or College or 
        Send to GED Agency for GED transcript 

        You are required to send transcripts from any college you have attended       

4.     Set up your SJC Student e-mail account

        All San Juan College students must activate and use their student email accounts. This is the method
        by which the college will communicate important information to you. 

        Your email address will be your You can log in at       with your email address and your initial default password
        (sjcpxxxx, where the xxxx are the last 4 numbers of your social security number).
        If you are unable to access your student e-mail account, contact the SJC Help Desk (505)566-3266.

5.     Take Accuplacer

        For information about the Accuplacer go to

        If you have attended college, you may not need to take the Accuplacer.  
        Check with your online program director or advisor.  

        To make arrangements to take the Accuplacer, contact:
        Vet Tech Program students, Sherry Hair, Vet Tech Program,
        All other students, ACC Online Advisor, 

        If you are faxing Accuplacer scores from another school, have scores faxed to (505)566-4408.

6.     Work with your online advisor to develop a course plan.  

        If you are applying for a pre-selection or specialty program, contact the program director's office:
        PTA Program, Gayle Hill, (505) 566-3013,
        HITP Program, Deb Honstad, (505) 566-3563, 
        Vet Tech Program, Sherry Hair, (888) 313-3838, 
        Occupational Safety Program, Georgia R. Cortez, (505) 566-3890,
        If you are not in a pre-selection or specialty program, you will work with the online ACC advisor

During peak advising times, please allow 5 business days for an e-mail response from the online advisor.    

When e-mailing from your SJC student e-mail address, include: 1. your full name, 2. your major at SJC, 3. any pre-planned courses you are considering, 4. your part-time or full-time student   status, and 5. and any questions you have for the online advisor.  By including as much information as possible in your e-mail, the online advisor will be able to better assist you.

7.    Complete New Student Orientation once you develop a degree plan with your online advisor 

        You may check out the SJC Online Catalog and Course Listing at:
        SJC Catalog including course descriptions
        Online course listing  
        Please note that many online classes fill up in the first few weeks of registration.

8.     Register for Classes  

        Once you finish working with your online advisor,  you will may register online. 
        Different registration dates apply to new and returning students.       

9.     Using WebAdvisor you can register for classes

         WebAdvisor Tutorial:
         WebAdvisor Login:

10.   Pay Tuition

        Use WebAdvisor to Make a Tuition Payment
        WebAdvisor Tutorial:
        WebAdvisor Login:
        SJC Business Office (505)566-3396

        Set up payments online through NelNet e cashier.  There is a $25 NelNet fee for this service. 
        You must know your SJC Student ID # to make a payment or set up a payment plan through the internet.

11.   Purchase Books and Materials

        Visit the online SJC Book Store (have your course schedule on hand)   

12.   Complete Course Orientation (if Applicable)

        You will need to contact your instructor(s) for more information on course orientations.
        You can obtain your instructor’s name by checking your class schedule.  
        SJC staff e-mail is usually last name, first initial 
        Example:  Janice Saunders would be

13.   Get Started

         You are ready to log into your online courses.
         (Note: Online courses are not available until the first day of class)
         If you are unable to get into your online class contact the SJC Help Desk (505)566-3266
         or e-mail them at from you SJC student e-mail account.


14.     Check the Academic Calendar often for additional information on semester dates and deadlines