Adjunct Faculty


As an adjunct instructor, you are responsible for providing objective and unbiased teaching that is meaningful, relevant and current. Classes are to be well organized, thoroughly prepared and in conjunction with a course syllabus.
Adjunct Expectations 
Adjunct faculty members have an important role in student learning at San Juan College. We value the contributions of our adjunct faculty, and hold them to the same high teaching standards as our full-time faculty. Adjunct faculty members are expected to:     
  • Use the official course syllabus and have their course guide approved by Lead Instructors or an instructor in equivalent position as specified by the School Dean.   
  • Adhere to all policies of the college
  • Use expected student-performance assessment procedures and test items where relevant; submit samples of student work as requested for learning outcomes assessment procedures.
  • Submit grades by deadline.
  • Refer students to appropriate college student support resources including tutoring, counseling, and advising.
  • Implement the College student evaluation process as scheduled and directed.
  • Communicate regularly with the Lead Instructor or other designated instructional personnel; bring forward any concerns related to student conduct.
  • Those who teach online must complete appropriate training and have a quality check of their online course before the course is taught.
  • Participate in San Juan College professional development activities as schedule permits.
 Criteria for Adjunct Faculty Approval 
For Transfer Courses adjunct faculty should have completed:
  • Preferred : Master's degree in the content area
  • Master's degree in any area and 18 graduate credit hours in the content area
For Career/Technical Education and Fine Arts courses instructors should have completed:
  • A Bachelor's degree in the content area and/or
  • Industry certification when appropriate
  • A minimum of at least five years of relevant industry experience
  • For fine arts, an extensive record of performances and exhibits in the content area
For Developmental/Pre-College courses adjunct faculty should have completed:
  •    Bachelor's degree with at least two years of teaching experience
 Application Approval Process
  1. Adjunct candidate fills out the San Juan College Adjunct Faculty Application.
  2. Adjunct candidate attaches documentation that supports area(s) of expertise. Required documents are : college transcripts, resume, certifications or evidence of special qualifications, names and phone numbers of references (letters are optional) and Qualified Course List. If you are a finalist for employment, a criminal background check will be required. 
  3. Adjunct candidate reviews courses in the current San Juan College Catalog and Semester Class Schedule and lists classes for which they have appropriate qualifications and for which he/she wishes to be approved.
  4. Adjunct candidate turns all documentation into the San Juan College Human Resources Department.
  5. Human Resources will forward the application packet to the School Dean or Hiring Manager for review. The Dean or designee implements the appropriate interviews and examination of credentials to determine eligibility to teach specific courses.
  6. When the application packet is returned to Human Resources it will be kept on file for 1 year. Human Resources does not provide notification of decisions regarding adjunct positions. Approval to teach is not an offer of employment. San Juan College contact adjuncts separately if an appropriate adjunct faculty teaching opportunity is available.            

San Juan College is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Employment Terms
Adjunct faculty are hired on a semester basis, depending upon the instructional needs identified for each semester. Such services shall be compensated on a credit hour contact hour basis at rates recommended by the president and approved by the San Juan College Board.

It is the policy of San Juan College that adjunct faculty may teach no more than 9 credit hours per semester. Requests from the academic dean for more than 9 credits an per semester or 29 hours a week must be approved by the Vice President and Human Resources Director prior to contract approval.

Payroll and Benefits
Adjunct faculty are paid twice a month, on the 15th and last working day of the month, provided that all payroll forms are signed in a timely manner. Adjunct faculty are paid $641 per credit hour. Problems concerning payroll should be referred to the Business Office (payroll - x3543) or Human Resources Office (x3215).

There are no medical/dental benefits provided to adjunct faculty. State and federal taxes, FICA and social security will be withheld for all adjunct faculty.

Adjunct faculty teaching one (1) credit class or more are eligible for the tuition waiver benefit. Tuition may be waived up to four (4) credit hours per semester, and any one (1) credit HHPC Fitness Conditioning class for each semester they are employed. This tuition waiver benefit may be transferred to a qualified family member. If transferring to a qualified family member, proof of family status is required (i.e., marriage certificate, affidavit of domestic partnership or birth certificate) and must be verified by Human Resources.

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