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Northern Cree at the SJC 2012 Pow Wow

Native American Center

Do you need help in figuring out how to get enrolled at San Juan College or what financial aid or scholarships are available to cover your tuition, books, or transportation?  Do you need guidance in choosing a career path and then a step-by-step plan on how to get there? We can do that!  We are committed to guiding and supporting Native American students on their exciting journey into higher education and beyond.

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Call or stop by the Native American Center to grab a cup of fresh coffee and find out what's going on. Everyone is welcome!

Supporting Your Educational Needs

Did you know that the Native American Center has a computer, printer,scanner,copy machine, and a telephone that you can use to make local calls or calls to your funding sources? We believe in supporting the educational endeavors of our Native American students, providing conveniences and opportunities that will help you be successful on your journey.

Extracurricular Experiences

The Native American Center promotes extracurricular learning that is purposeful and holistic. Extracurricular activities to hone the awareness and learning of students include:

  • Cultural Presentations – Training, workshops, and presentations from the perspective of the Native American culture on topics that pertain to motivation, behavior, and culture shock are held for students to help them adjust and cope in the college culture. The interested public is welcome to attend these cultural presentations.
  • Native Guest Lecturers – Native speakers are invited to the college to present on information and educational topics that will enhance the awareness and learning of students. The interested public is welcome to attend these lectures.
  • Educational Trips – Visits are planned and made to universities in the region to prepare students who wish to eventually transfer to continue their studies at a university.
  • Cultural Trips – Visits are planned and made to cultural sites to enhance the learning of students about their ethnic identity and history.

For more information, please call Michele Peterson at (505) 566-3321. Or send an email to nac@sanjuancollege.edu.