Four Steps to a Stress Free Retirement

If you are planning to retire at the end of the school year, follow the steps below and you will receive your first benefit on time. Remember, if yo are a nine-month employee and you complete the school year, your retirement date must be effective July 1st even though your last day of work may have been in May.

Step One:
Sometime in mid-April you should contact the Human Resources Office. They will provide you with an "Application for Retirement." You must complete section I. This includes the usual information: name, address, social security number, etc. You may also request a calculation based on Option B or C. This is only a request for information and is not your final selection.

Step Two:
Return the completed application to the Human Resources Office. HR will complete Section II. You must also provide verification of your date or birth at this time. This verification can be a copy of your birth certificate, baptismal certificate, an application for life insurance that has been in force for two or more years, United States Census Record or other evidence that is accepted by the ERB.

Step Three:
Human Resources will forward the completed application to the ERB office in Santa Fe. The ERB will begin processing the July applications sometime in mid-May. Contact Human Resources to set up a meeting to discuss the benefit options available after retirement.

Step Four:
The ERB staff will review your application for eligibility. A computation of benefit will be completed. Sometime in June you will receive the following information:

An information memorandum
A final computation of your retirement benefit*
A final Selection of Benefit form* and
A direct deposit authorization form.

*You must return these forms before July 15th in order to be placed on the July payroll. If you elect on of the optional benefits, you must provide a verification of the date of birth of your beneficiary.

You are encouraged to have you check electronically deposited.

If you carefully read each document, correctly complete the information requested and return the required forms by July 15th, your first check will be mailed at the end of July and will continue to be sent the last business day of each month.

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