How To's...

How To Apply

  1. Obtain a current nursing application packet from the nursing department or print from link on nursing webpage and review all eligibility and application requirements.
  2. Complete a nursing program application and submit to the Department of Nursing by the application deadline. Refer to current application packet for deadline date.
  3. Register  for and complete the TEAS V (Test of Essential Academic Skills) Pre-Admission Examination. Submit exam score(s) by deadline date.  
  4. Have official transcripts from high school and any other colleges sent to the San Juan College Admissions Office with a copy to the Nursing Department. Please do not send official transcripts to the Nursing Department. The Admissions Office will evaluate college transcripts for possible transfer credits. Register as a San Juan College student.
  5. Review the online Nursing Information Session and submit attendance form.

How to Register for the TEAS V Pre-Admission Exam (Step-By-Step Guide)

  1. Please refer to the current application exam instructions.
  2. Decide on the approximate date that you want to take the exam during the current designated testing periods.
  3. Pay the fee at the Business Office in the clock tower building or by phone (505-566-3396).  You will be given a receipt number upon payment which will be required to make your testing appointment in the testing center.
  4. Call the San Juan College Testing Center at 505-566-3139 to set your appointment. The Testing Center requires a 72 hour notice prior to testing.
  5. Go to and create an account to register to test. You will be given a username and password. You will need your username and password on your test date.
  6. Read the Rules for Use of the Testing Center located in your application packet so you will know requirements and what to expect on the day of your appointment.
  7. Come to the Testing Center 15 minutes before your scheduled time and check-in for the exam.  Room 7120D; Information Technology Center building.
  8. For students not testing at San Juan College Testing Center, please refer to the current application packet for guidelines for off campus remote testing.

How to Re-Apply

Applicant’s who are not accepted and wish to re-apply during the next application period may do so by submitting a new application and meeting the current application requirements.

How to Have Transcripts sent to San Juan College

Have official transcripts from high school and any other colleges sent to the San Juan College Admissions Office. Please do not send official transcripts to the Nursing Department. Previous college transcripts will be evaluated by Enrollment Services for possible transfer credit.

For more information, please call Department of Nursing at (505) 566-3224. Or send an email to