career and technical education (CTE)

High school students will acquire knowledge of careers, terminology and skills in the health care arena. The first semester Introduction to Allied Health (ALHT) and Medical Terminology (HITP) explores a wide variety of careers in the health care system and medical language. In the second semester, Nurse Aide Certification (PNUR), the student learns to comprehend and perform skills required in the care of the sick and/or elderly. The students are supervised by a licensed nurse in a health care setting. 


ALHT 111
Introduction to Allied Health

Introduction to Allied Health is an overview of traditional health care systems, team approach delivery, and health professionals' roles and functions. It addresses consumer health needs, trends and issues. This class is designed to help the student explore the many fields of health care and what might be a good fit for them.


HITP 110

Medical Terminology

This course presents the study of the language of medicine, focusing on prefixes, suffixes, word roots and their combining forms. This course includes word construction, spelling, usage, comprehension and pronunciation. Students are provided with information regarding anatomy, symptomatology, pathology, and diagnostic/surgical procedures.


PNUR 110

Nurse Aide Certification

The student will learn to communicate with patients and staff, to assist patients in maintaining independence, to observe and document care needs, to competently perform basic nursing skills, and to provide a safe and protective patient environment. The course classroom, college skills lab and clincal experience in local health care facilities meet the requirements of the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA) and qualify individuals to take the State Cerification Examination upon completion in accordance with this law.




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