Program Curriculum

Track I ADN Curriculum

Prerequisites to NURS 125 Hours
BIOL 224 Microbiology 4
BIOL 252 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4


Fall Semester of 1st Year  
NURS 125 Nursing Concepts and Practice 1 8(5+9P)
PSYC 120 Introduction to Psychology 3
BIOL 253 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4


Spring Semester of 1st Year  
NURS 145 Nursing Concepts and Practice 2 9(6+9P)
NURS 150 Nursing Pharmacological Concepts  3
PSYC 230 Human Development 3


Summer of Second Year  (Prerequisites to NURS 210)  

English 111 Freshman Composition

Elective 1   Approved Elective                             


Elective 2  Approved Elective 3
NURS 135 Nurse Externship (optional)              4


Fall Semester of 2nd Year  
NURS 210 Nursing Concepts and Practice 3 9 (5+12P)
ENGL 211 Advanced Composition OR 3
ENGL 218 Advanced Technical Composition  
Spring Semester of 2nd Year  
NURS 220 Nursing Concepts and Practice 4 8 (5+9P)
NURS 225 Professional Transition 1
NURS 230 Preceptorship 4 (12P)
ADN Total 72


NOTE:  All clinical credit hours are based on a ratio of 1:3 (one credit hour to 3 clock hours.)

Students can take any of the general education courses listed in the curriculum prior to program admission. However, taking courses that apply to the nurisng curriculum does not guarantee acceptance to the program. A grade of "C" or higher is required in all curriculum courses.

Approved Electives

ANTH 110 Intro to Anthropology
ANTH 210 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
AOAP 123  Keyboarding
BIOL 121 Introductory Biology I
BIOL 281 Pathophysiology I
BIOL 282 Pathophysiology II
CHEM 110 Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 111 General Chemistry I
COMM 110 Public Speaking
COMM 111 Interpersonal Communication
COSC 125 Business Microcomputer Applications
HITP 110 Medical Terminology
HLTH 118 Intro to Nutrition
HLTH 150 Personal Health and Wellness
MATH 114 Math for Health Careers
MATH 115 Intermediate Algebra
MATH 160 College Algebra
MATH 251 Statistics
PHED 125 Personal Health and Wellness
PHIL 110 Introduction to Philosophy
PHYS 111 Intro to Physics
PNUR 111 Nursing Foundations
PSYC 245 Brain and Behavior
PSYC 246 Drugs and Behavior
PSYC 265 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 275 Theories of Personality
SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology


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