2014 A.D.N Track Program


Application Process  
Selection Requirements  
Selection and Acceptance  






Application Process

The following must be completed by the current application deadline:

  1. Apply to San Juan College if not a SJC student, and complete the enrollment process as a SJC student.
  2. Submit a current complete SJC Nursing Program Application to the Nursing Department. Nursing applications can be obtained in the nursing department or on the SJC Nursing Program webpage during the open application period. Applications can be submitted in person during business hours or by postal mail and are accepted only during an open application period.
  3. Submit official transcripts for all previous course work to the San Juan College Enrollment Services Office for evaluation of course transfer credit. If completing prerequisite courses during the fall 2013 semester at a school other than SJC, request official transcripts  indicating course completion grade(s).  Do not submit official transcripts to the nursing department
  4. Complete the ATI TEAS V (Test of Essential Academic Skills V) exam and submit current application period score result(s) to the nursing department. Instructions for scheduling the exam are included in the application packet instructions. The exam can be taken through the SJC Testing Center. Please refer to the appropriate On-Campus or Off-Campus testing instructions as applicable. Topics for this exam include reading, math, science, English and language usage. Study guides are available in the SJC Bookstore or can be ordered on the ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) website. Additional preparation resources include practice exams available through the ATI website and tutoring assistance in the San Juan College Center for Student Engagement. The exam may be taken once per test period with a recommended 6 week interval between exams. Those re-applying to the program are required to retest as prior scores are not eligible. Only official testing transcript score results received from ATI will be used for selection point calculation. Please review application packet for further detail regarding offical testing scores.
  5. Complete all prerequiste courses (17 credit hours) by the end of the fall 2013 semester with BIOL 252 Human Anatomy & Physiology I completed within 5 years.


Selection Requirements

To be eligilbe for the nursing program selection process, the following program requirements must be completed by the current application deadline:

  1. Enrolled as a San Juan Collge student.
  2. Completed developmental courses a determined by the College Placement Exam (Accuplacer) scores. The most recent Accuplacer score will determine the required courses.
  3. Taken the ATI TEAS V (Test of Essentail Academic Skills V) exam and obtained the minimum eligible Adjusted Individual Total Score. If a student has tested during both testing periods within a current application period, the highest  score will be used. Previous scores are not eligle and students are required to test each application period during the designated application testing periods. Please refer to current application instructions regarding eligible testing dates and score.
  4. Submitted a current complete nursing program application. Note: If reapplying for selection, a new nursing application is required. Applications received in the nursing department after the application deadline will not be eligible for the selection process.
  5. Completed all program prerequisite courses and achieved a minimum grade of 'C' in each course with BIOL 252 Human Anatomy & Physiology I within 5 years.
  6. Achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of  2.75 in the following 17 credit hour prerequisite courses with a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 2.0. The GPA requirement must be fulfilled at the end of the fall 2013 semester prior to the January 2014 application deadline.


Prerequsite Course


Credit Hours


Basic Science Course: Minimum 1 of 3 4
  •    BIOL 121 Introductory Biology I or
  •    BIOL 224 Microbiology or
  •    CHEM 110 or 111
ENGL 111 Freshman Composition 3
PSYC 120 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSYC 230 Human Development 3
BIOL 252 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4


Program Selection and Acceptance 

Selection of students to the San Juan College nursing program is based on a point system. Students are ranked according to total points. Nursing Program slots are filled beginning with the highest ranking students. Completing all requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the A.D.N program.

Selection points are awarded based on the following:

  1. GPA - GPA is calculated from grades received in the required 17 credit hour prerequsites.  A maximum of 40% of points will be awarded based on the cumulative 17 credit hour prerequsite GPA.
  2. ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills V (TEAS V) score.  A maximum of 50% of points will be awarded based on the highest eligible Adjusted Individual Total Score.
  3. Residence Status: Guidelines for residence status will follow San Juan College determination guidelines in the San Juan College Academic Catalog. The Academic Catalog can be obtained from the Enrollment Services or can be viewed online. Please refer residence status questions to the Enrollment Services Office at 505-566-3545. A maximum of 5% of points will be awarded based on San Juan County residence status.
  4. San Juan College Student Status: A maximum of 3% of points will be awarded to San Juan College students who have completed a minimum of 12 of the required 17 prerequisite credit hours at San Juan College.
  5. Science GPA: A maximum of 2% of points will be awarded for a combined 3.5 GPA or higher based on 8 credits in basic and health science courses.


Students will be notified of acceptance into the nursing program by postal mail in April for a fall program entry. Applicants who have not met the basic program eligibility requirements will also be contacted by mail regarding their status.

When selected students have confirmed program acceptance, a detailed information packet will be mailed with specific instructions and guidelines regarding the requirements (i.e. , immunizations, CPR, etc.) to be completed prior to starting the Nursing Level 1 Semester courses.

Students accepted into SJC Nursing Program maintain selection status by completing all post selection program entry requirements and maintain the minimum GPA of 2.0 post selection for entry into the Nursing Level 1 Semester. A grade of "C" or higher must be achieved in every course in the nursing curriculum.



Contact Us:
Nursing Department 505-566-3224

For more information, please call Department of Nursing at (505) 566-3224. Or send us an email at