BSN Program Selection and Acceptance

Selection of students to the SJC nursing program is based on a point system. Students are ranked according to total points.  Nursing Program slots are filled beginning with the highest ranking students. Completing all requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the BSN program.

Selection points are awarded based on the following:

  1. GPA. GPA is calculated from grades achieved in the required 26 credit hour prerequisites. 40% of points will be awarded based on the cumulative 26 credit hour prerequisite GPA.
  2. ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills V (TEAS V) for Nursing score. 50% of points awarded based on the Adjusted Individual Total Score.
  3. ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills V (TEAS V) for Nursing Proficiency score. 3% of points awarded based on the achievement of an Adjusted Individual Total Score of 64% or higher.
  4. Residence Status: 2% of points will be awarded based on San Juan County residence status.
  5. San Juan College Student Status. 3% of points will be awarded to San Juan College studens who have completed a minimum of 12 of the required 26 prerequisite credit hours at San Juan College.
  6. Science GPA. 2% of points will be awarded for a combined 3.5 GPA or higher based on 8 credit hours in basic and health science courses.

Students will be notified of nursing program acceptance status by postal mail in spring for a fall program entry and fall for a spring program entry. Applicants who have not met basic program eligibility requirements will also be contaced by mail regarding their status.

When selected students have confirmed program acceptance, a detailed information packet will be provided with specific instructions and guidelines regarding the requirements (i.e., immunizations, CPR, etc.) to be completed prior to starting the Nursing Level 1 Semester courses. Selected students are required to attend a nursing orientation.

Students accepted into SJC/UNM BSN Nursing Program maintain selection status by completing all Nursing Level 1 course prerequisites, post selection entry requirements and maintain the minimum GPA of 2.0 post selection for entry into the Nursing Level 1 semester. A grade of 'C' or higher must be achieved in every course in the nursing curriculum.

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For more information, please call Department of Nursing at (505) 566-3224. Or send an email to