Program Costs (Estimated *) with links to UNM Costs

Preadmission Testing Fees (ATI TEAS V) for Nursing    SJC On-Campus

        Study Manual - SJC Bookstore        64.00 
        First Testing Period Exam           80.00 
        Second Testing Period Exam        80.00 
College Application Fee - SJC
Nursing Program Application Fee - SJC      None
College Application Fee - UNM Application fees
Nursing Program Application Fee - UNM Application fees
SJC Tuition and Credit Hour Fees: (NM Resident)
     Application Prerequisites (26 Credit Hours)
     Level 1 Prerequisites (23 Credit Hours)    
     First Year Level 1 and 2 Semester (30 Credit Hours)     
     Second Year Level 3 and 4 Semesters (24 Credit Hours)    
SJC Tuition and Credit Hour Fees:  (Non- NM Resident)
UNM Tuition and Credit Hour Fees (30 Credit Hours)**
Textbooks/ Packets  
     Level 1 and Level 2    2500.00
     Level 3 and Level 4      500.00
     Level 5                                 250.00
Physical Examinsation & Immunizations/Titers***       400.00
Uniforms/Shoes/Instruments       250.00
Testing Resources  
     Level 1 and Level 2      500.00
     Level 3 and Level 4       350.00
Program Fees $250.00 per semester
NCLEX-RN Licensing Exam    $500.00 

* All costs are approximated projected costs and actual costs may vary by date of program entry

** 27 BSN UNM credit hours and one additional 3 credit hour UNM required course. Differential tuition rates for nursing courses  apply.

***Physical Examination & Immunization / Titer costs may range from $250.00 to $500.00

Additional fees may apply related to criminal background checks

Students are required to have and maintain health insurance for the duration of the program. Health plans vary in cost and are not calculated in the estimated costs listed above.

Students are not currently required to maintain personal liability insurance

Students accepted into the nursing program will be required to complete a criminal background check screening and complete/maintain CPR certification, physical examination, immunizations and travel arrangements to clinical sites.


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