Human Services

Human Services

Human Services - Criminal Justice (AA.HMSV.CRJS) 62-63 credit hours
Human Services - Generalist (AA.HMSV.GETR) 62-63 credit hours
Human Services - Substance Abuse (AA.HMSV.SAST) 62-63 credit hours
Human Services - Criminal Justice (AAS.HMSV.CRJS) 60 credit hours
Human Services - Generalist (AAS.HMSV.GETR) 60-61 credit hours
Human Services - Substance Abuse (AAS.HMSV.SAST) 60-61 credit hours

Career Tracks

  • Generalist
  • Criminal Justice
  • Substance Abuse


Degree Programs

The AAS and AS degrees are both two-year programs. Each provide the educational skills and practical experience necessary for students entering entry-level positions.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
Ideal for occupational training and job upgrading.

Associate of Arts (AA)
Prepares students with the coursework and credits necessary for transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor's degree.



Are you interested in becoming a social worker, substance abuse counselor, domestic abuse counselor or parole officer? Maybe you'd like to assist clients at a community shelter, halfway house, food bank, or through a youth program. If you're passionate about helping people, a degree in Human Services from San Juan College will prepare you to enter these occupations.

At SJC you'll not only receive core foundational courses, you'll also gain real-world knowledge and skills through a community internship practicum. Our students are making a difference in the community through service learning at over 50 regional organizations, such as: Child Haven, Casa Child Advocacy and Cottonwood Clinical. You may have a job lined up before you even graduate!

The job market in Human Services continues to grow. Many graduates quickly enter the workforce in entry level positions that pay between $22,000 - $24,000 a year. Others pursue their baccalaureate degree (BA), leading to professional positions earning $32,000 or more. If you plan on transferring to a four-year institution, consider New Mexico Highlands. San Juan College has articulation agreements with Highlands making it possible to get a bachelor's degree without leaving the SJC campus. This is becoming more and more popular with our students. Highlands accepts all Human Services coursework from SJC and even has a one-year fast track Master's program for students interested in getting their Master of Social Work (MSW).

What is Service Learning/Practicum?

The Human Services degree includes an experiential education component in the form of a 15-hour Service Learning experience in the Introduction course work and a 150-hour Practicum worth 3 credits as the “cap-stone” class. This allows students to have a hands-on work related experience in a Human Services agency or organization while benefiting our community. These integrative learning experiences accelerate the acquisition of the core knowledge, skills and values of the helping professions including:

  • Identification with the Human Services Profession, Practice and Process
  • Written and Oral Communication Skills
  • Race, Cultural and Ethnic Awareness/Sensitivity
  • Professional Role Development
  • Interpersonal Relationships

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