Intramural Sports Policies and Procedures


The San College Department of Intramural Sports believes that physical and intellectual preparations are equally important in meeting the demands and stresses of everyday living. Students, staff, and faculty are invited and encouraged to participate in any of the intramural sports activities offered.

This handbook should serve as an information guide for SJC students and employees interested in participating in intramural sports. Participants are expected to become familiar with and abide by the information contained herein.


  1. Entry forms are available in the Student Activities Office (Room 1007), or The Intramural Sports Office in The Health and Human Performance Center (Room 55202).
  2. Secure the minimum number of team members necessary (with the required information) and return the completed roster prior to the entry deadline. Check the intramural sports schedule for deadline dates. Late entries will be put on a waiting list with no guarantee of participation.
  3. Pre-season organizational meetings are scheduled for most team activities and require the attendance of a team captain or other team member to guarantee entrance to the league.


Individuals who desire to play team sports but are not able to form a team may still be involved. The individuals are encouraged to come to Student Activities Office (Room 1007), or The Intramural Sports Office (Room 55202) in The Health and Human Performance Center and sign-up on a "Free-Agent" list for the sport of interest. Players are not assigned teams and no guarantee of team membership is made, but the lists are available to team captains who might add players to their teams. If there are enough free agents, a team may be assembled from that list. Team captains are strongly encouraged and urged to use "Free-Agents".


  1. The Office of Intramural Sports cannot be solely responsible for verifying the identity of each person who participates in intramural sports. Each player is responsible for his/her own eligibility and each organization or captain is responsible for participating members. Any cases of ineligibility brought to the attention of the official on duty or the Office of Intramural Sports will be handled according to policy.
  2. All SJC students (currently enrolled) and faculty and staff are eligible to enjoy all intramural sports privileges, provided they have signed the SJC Office of Intramural Sports Injury Waiver Form that is found on the last page of this handbook.
  3. Individuals who have been declared a professional in a particular sport or sports may not compete in the same or related intramural sport.
  4. Any individual using an assumed name or playing under the name of another player will be barred from intramural sports competition.
  5. Teams using an ineligible player shall forfeit all games in which the ineligible player participated and may be removed from the league.
  6. A player may represent only one team in any division of men or women's play in a given sport.
  7. Teams may add players to their rosters until start time of their final game of the regular season. No roster additions may be made after the final contest is begun. Players may not have played for any other team.
  8. Players may not change teams once they have played any portion of a contest.
  9. A player must have played in at least one regularly scheduled game to be eligible to participate in the play-offs.

Regardless of the reason, no ineligible player may compete in an intramural contest. No opposing team may give its consent for the participation of an ineligible player. Late arriving players must seek out the event supervisor to have their name placed on the scorecard.

Any protest regarding player eligibility should be handled prior to the start of each game or prior to that player playing. If a player is checked and found to be ineligible, he/she may not participate in that game. Ineligibility includes not having a valid ID.


During any and all transactions with SJC your Student ID Card officially recognizes you and defines your status as a member of the student body or the campus community.
The Office of Intramural Sports wants to provide the best services to "our" participants. If ineligible people participate in the program they are putting the legitimate participants and SJC at risk. In addition, if an ineligible person is allowed to participate he or she would be taking away an opportunity for an eligible participant.

Prior to each game or contest players must present their SJC student, staff or faculty identification card so they may be signed in on the scorecard. Only the names of those players present will be placed on the scorecard. Late arriving players must present their ID Card to a game official or event supervisor to be added to the scorecard before entering the game.


San Juan College, The Department of Student Activities, the Office of Intramural Sports, and their staffs assume no responsibility for injuries received by any person during participation or involvement in any intramural sport or activity. Participants are reminded that their involvement is totally voluntary, and they are responsible for their own welfare. It is, therefore, highly recommended that all participants procure adequate medical insurance and a physical examination prior to participation.

Intramural Sports Supervisors and Staff will respond to injuries and call for emergency medical technicians when necessary but will not treat injuries.


Any player who is bleeding must leave the contest until the bleeding stops. An intramural sports staff member or game official has the authority to remove the player. If by removing the player who is bleeding the team falls below the minimum number necessary to play for the specific sport, the following will apply: The game clock will stop and a maximum of five (5) minutes will be allowed for the player to stop the bleeding. An intramural sports staff member or game official must approve the player re-entering. If the bleeding is not stopped within the allotted five (5) minutes, a forfeit will be declared. The five-minute time allowance is only for teams who have no substitutes when a player is bleeding.


Intramural Sports Bulletin Boards will be maintained in The Health and Human Performance Center and the by the Student Activities Office. All pertinent information including playing schedules, postponements, team standings, coming events, etc. will be updated and posted in these locations. Official Information will also be available on the SJC Web Page.
All participants should bear in mind, however, only material printed and distributed by Office of Intramural Sports should be considered as the official source of information.
Upcoming event flyers are distributed and posted around the SJC campus.
Information is available by calling 566-3588.


Individual Conduct
The intramural sports program is designed for enjoyment. It is expected that all participants will conduct themselves in a manner that will not impair the well-being of other participants. All individuals or organizations participating shall be expected to comply with the SPIRIT as well as the LETTER of the rules that cover all competitive and non-competitive situations.
Good sportsmanship is a requirement, not an option, for participation in intramural sports. No game is important enough to warrant physical or verbal abuse of intramural sports employees or participants. The game official is required to remove from a contest any individual who demonstrates, by language and/or actions, behavior considered to be detrimental to the game, activity or program.

  1. Alcohol and Drugs
    Possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. Severe penalties may be imposed.
  2. Fighting
    Fighting, whether before, during or following an intramural sports contest, will not be tolerated. Any individual, group or team observed in the act of fighting will be suspended indefinitely from further participation in all intramural sports.
  3. Abuse of Officials
    Touching an official in any way will result in ejection and may result in suspension from an intramural sport. Players, coaches, or spectators involved in physically or verbally abusing any official, umpire, referee, or supervisor will be suspended indefinitely from further intramural sports competition.
  4. Cheating
    Any individual who is found guilty of cheating will be disqualified from intramural sports for the remainder of that sport's season and the next intramural team sport. Disqualification will carry over from one semester to the next and more severe penalties may be imposed.
    Examples of cheating include, but are not limited to:
    Playing on more than one team in the same sport;
    Participating under an assumed name;
    Participating after being suspended from competition.
  5. Other
    Examples of unacceptable conduct and their minimum penalties include, but are not limited to:
    Profanity--suspension from one game;
    Blatant disregard of rules--suspension from one game;
    Intoxication--suspension for the remainder of the semester or year;
    Destruction of property--assessment of full cost of repair/replacement and may also be suspended from participation for an indefinite period.
  6. Any player ejected from any contest must automatically sit out the next contest and must arrange an appointment with the Intramural Sports Coordinator prior to any further participation.
  7. Ejected players must leave the building or playing areas immediately.
  8. More severe penalties may be imposed for any infraction of rules or for conduct that infringes on the participation enjoyment of others.
  9. Decisions by the Office of Intramural Sports will be final.
  10. Team Conduct
    A team is responsible for the actions of individual members of the team and spectators directly related to the team. The conduct of players and spectators before and after the game is as important as the conduct during the game and organizations are held responsible for their team as well as their fans' conduct.

    Any team whose sportsmanship conduct is judged unsatisfactory by the game officials and/or Intramural Sports Staff will be disqualified for the remainder of the season. The Office of Intramural Sports will notify the team captain of the disqualification. Teams will be encouraged and warned by the game officials to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner, but the game officials have the authority to stop any contest without warning if the conduct poses a threat to the safety of the intramural sports participants, employees, or spectators.

Individuals who are causing problems will be disqualified on a case-by-case basis with the intent to eliminate the individuals responsible for the problems without punishing the entire team. However, the Office of Intramural Sports reserves the right to disqualify an entire team.

Team conduct, which could result in team disqualification, includes, but is not limited to:

Disrespect toward officials and/or staff
Rough play, endangering participants
Disregards of conduct warnings by game officials.

Any other types of action that have the effect of disrupting play or are in any other manner contrary to the orderly conduct of the intramural sports program could result in further disciplinary action by the Office of Intramural Sports.


League and event schedules will be given to team captains and will be posted in The Health and Human Performance Center and the by the Student Activities Office, as well as on the SJC Web Page.

  1. Regardless of days and times scheduled for regular season play, make-up and playoff games may be played on any day of the week at any time. Teams normally play once a week on a specific day until the playoffs begin.
  2. Intramural Sports activities and events may be scheduled for any day of the week. Recent tradition has placed certain leagues on specific days of the week.
  3. All teams must be available to play when scheduled. All teams not having enough players to start a game at game time will incur a forfeit.
  4. Some individual/dual sports will be scheduled on a "call-in" basis. Contestants will be given a certain period of time to contact opponents, complete the match, and report results to the Office of Intramural Sports (566-3588).
  5. Some activities will be scheduled as one-day events. All contestants must be ready and available to participate when they are called upon.
  6. Wait List Teams will be placed solely on league and time availability. Teams could enter a league as a replacement team late in the season.


  1. Intramural contests may be postponed or canceled due to inclement weather, unsafe playing conditions, or unforeseen scheduling emergencies.
  2. Decisions concerning postponements or cancellations will be made as soon as possible when inclement weather is predicted or occurring. Teams should be prepared to play at all scheduled times. Do not assume that a game will be postponed or canceled simply because of rain.
  3. Due to time limitations and availability of facilities, the Office of Intramural Sports will attempt to avoid postponements or cancellations. Canceled contests will not be rescheduled.
  4. Regardless of days and times scheduled for regular season play, make-up and playoff games may be played on any day of the week at any time.


Rescheduling of games at a team's request is rarely done and will not be accepted freely. Arrangements for rescheduling any game must be completed 24 hours prior to the scheduled contest and approved by the Office of Intramural Sports. All games must be played during times when intramural sports staff members are available.

The team captain of the team requesting rescheduling must come to the Office of Intramural Sports and obtain the name and telephone number of the opposing team's captain. If the opposing team does not agree to reschedule, the game will be played at the originally scheduled time or the requesting team can default. BOTH teams and intramural sports staff must agree to reschedule. Teams that reschedule on their own will receive losses for the game. The intramural sports staff can decline any request to reschedule.

Playoff games may not be able to be rescheduled and teams should be ready to play at all times.


  1. Facility and time limitations, as well as the number of entries will determine the type of league play and tournament conducted (i.e., single or double elimination, round robin, etc.).
  2. All play will be at the same level. No upper or lower levels of competition will be conducted. However, separate divisions of play may be established if dictated by demand (i.e., men's, women's, and Co-ed.).
  3. In the event of league/division ties at the end of regular season play in which it is necessary to break the tie for placement in the play-offs, the following procedures will be used in priority order:
    Team(s) with a forfeit will be given the lowest priority and may be eliminated from the playoffs.
    League win-loss record.
    Head-to-head competition (within a division/league). The winner of the contest during the regular season play will be given higher rank.
    Over-all win-loss records
    Least points allowed. In football, soccer and softball, the team with the least points allowed during the season will be given the higher ranking.
    Total points scored. In football, soccer, and softball, the team with most points scored during the season will be given the higher ranking.
    Coin Toss. If the above fail to break the tie, a coin toss by an intramural official will be used to determine rank in standings.
    A wild-card invitation may be issued to additional teams at the discretion of the Intramural Sports Staff.
  4. The play-off structure for each tournament will be decided after all entries for the regular season are received.


The intramural sports program hopefully helps to relieve some stress by providing an environment that promotes fun, exercise and competition away from the pressures of the classroom. If a team or individual fails to show up for their game, they have deprived themselves and other participants of that opportunity.

Two forfeits will eliminate a team from play in the regular season and/or the tournament. In single and/or double elimination tournament competition, one forfeit will result in individual/team being eliminated from play.

Forfeited contests will not be rescheduled. An Intramural Sports Supervisor or head official has the authority to declare a contest forfeited when:

  1. A team does not have the minimum number of players ready to play at a scheduled starting time.
  2. An ineligible player is used in any contest.
  3. In individual or dual matches in "call-in" tournaments play is not completed by the given time period.
  4. A team or individual displays flagrant misconduct conduct, partakes in a fight, or leaves the field of play prior to the completion of the contest. In each case, the team may be dropped from further competition depending on the degree of misconduct.


If a team forfeits once any team on the wait-list may replace it if desired. If there is no wait-list the team that forfeited may continue playing by paying a $25.00 a re-entry fee to the Office of Intramural Sports within 48 hours of the forfeit. If a team forfeits or defaults twice it is dropped without notice.

A contest completed prior to a team being dropped from the league is official. A contest "not-played" is recorded as a win for the opposing team.


As a courtesy to their opponents and to avoid a forfeit, a team may request default for any game they will be unable to attend. In order to do so the team captain must notify the Office of Intramural Sports between at least 24 hours prior to the game.

Default is recorded as a loss. Two defaults will result in a team being dropped from the league.


  1. Copies of game rules for all sport activities can be obtained in the Office of Intramural Sports. In most cases, intramural sports rules are as consistent as possible with the official intercollegiate or amateur rules as provided under the respective sport association. However, modification of rules are made in some sport activities due to playing conditions, time allotments, skill levels, league structure, and safety factors.
  2. Organizational meetings will be held prior to the start of most activities to introduce rules and provide rule interpretations.


  1. All official win-loss records, participation records and standings are maintained in the Office of Intramural Sports.
  2. Unofficial results and standings will be posted in The Health and Human Performance Center and the by the Student Activities Office, as well as on the SJC Web Page.
  3. Participants in individual/dual type tournaments are responsible for reporting contest results promptly to the Office of Intramural Sports.


Championship Awards: The champions for each sport will receive an Intramural Sports Champion Award upon conclusion of the activity.


  1. Only protests concerning player eligibility will be considered by the office. All other protests must be resolved on the playing field. The game officials' and event supervisor's interpretations of the rules will be final.
  2. Only team captains may file protests concerning any player eligibility.
  3. All eligibility protests must be submitted in writing with a $25.00 cash protest fee by 1:00 P.M. of the first workday following the protested contest. If the protest is upheld, the fee will be returned; if the protest is denied, the fee will not be refunded.
  4. The protestor should notify the opposing team of the protest prior to its submission.
  5. If a team feels that an official has misinterpreted a rule, the captain of the team must verbally lodge a protest immediately after the play with the field officials and request the event supervisor. All protests of this type will be resolved on the field by the event supervisor. The decision is FINAL. The game will continue as quickly as possible.


A team captain, manager, or coach must represent every team. This individual is the official representative for the team. Team captains or managers are responsible for:

  1. Completing and submitting the entry form with any fees prior to the deadline,
  2. Attending any organizational and/or special meetings,
  3. The team's conduct during games,
  4. Knowing game rules and regulations and relaying this information to teammates,
  5. Keeping team members informed of play dates and making sure the team arrives promptly for games,
  6. Having players sign the game scorecard prior to the contest, and signing it at the conclusion of each contest to verify the final score.


Teams are encouraged, but not required, to have a matching set of numbered and same colored jerseys. No two jersey numbers may be the same and must be whole numbers between 00 and 99. If two opposing teams have the same or similar colored shirts, a coin toss will determine which team must change shirts.


  1. Students are paid to perform intramural sports officiating and supervisory duties. Some knowledge of the sport being officiated is required, but there is no need to be an expert. Anyone interested in officiating should contact the Office of Intramural Sports. Prospective officials should be aware that mandatory training clinics will be held prior to each activity.
  2. In the event that an inadequate number of officials are available for an activity, teams will be required to supply their own officials to represent their team.


The National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to fostering the growth of high quality recreational sports programs by providing for the continuing education and development of recreational sports professionals. Founded as the National Intramural Association in 1950, the NIRSA has evolved from an organizational meeting attended by 13 historically Black College and University pioneers, to a professional association with thousands of members from colleges, universities, correctional facilities military installations and parks and recreation departments.