Leadership San Juan Alumni Association


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Our Mission

The mission of Leadership San Juan Alumni Association is to further the objectives of Leadership San Juan in promoting leadership in San Juan County. This mission will be accomplished by:

  • Developing and maintaining a process of communication and networking to keep alumni informed and active in LSJ.
  • Provide avenues to inform and educate the citizens of San Juan County on important local, statewide, or national issues.
  • Identify, promote and support potential alumni for leadership roles in the county and beyond.


Board Members2013-2014

Bob Campbell – President, Class of 1997, rcampbell@fmtn.org
Carmen Martinez - Pres. Elect, Class of 2004, martinezc@sanjuancollege.edu
Sandy Williams – Secretary, Class of 1995, swilliams@ctic.net
Linda Benson – Treasurer, Class of 1993, linda.benson@nmbenson.net
Kirk Carpenter - Past President, Class of 2008, adcarpki@aztec.k12.nm.us

Steve Nelson, Class of 1990, snelson@nel-con.com
Margie Williams, Class of 2003, margiew@cbnm.com
Don Miszkiel, Class of 1991, miszkiel@msn.com
Tom Havel, Class of 2004, thavel@sjcounty.net
Dennis Gross, Class of 1992, dennismgross@gmail.com
Shane Utley, Class of 2005, utleys@sjcounty.net
Mark Garcia, Class of 1994, mark@garciajewelers.com
Scott Eckstein, LSJ Board Rep.,Class of 2006, eckstein65@gmail.com
Alvin Klein, Class of 1996, alvinsells@gmail.com
Jennifer Miller, Class of 2007, jnmiller@sjcounty.net
Ruth Brooks, LSJ Board Rep., Class of 1998, rbrooks@sjrmc.net
Daniel Webb, Class of 2009, webbd@sjcounty.net
Deb Dumont, Class of 1998, ddumont@sjrmc.net
Ken Christesen, Class of 2010, christesen@sjcounty.net
Diane Benally, LSJ Board Rep., Class of 1999, jonib84@yahoo.com
Shaun Connolly, Class of 2011, shaunconnolly1@yahoo.com
Linda Thompson, Class of 2000, lthompson@sjcounty.net
Shane Ferrari, Class of 2012, ferraris@sjcounty.net
Joel Irvin, Class of 2001, hesjorel@yahoo.com
Dylan O'Reilly, Class of 2013, doreilly@mstlaw.com
Ben Lyons, LSJ Board Rep., Class of 2002, blyons@reopco.com
Larry Hathaway, (Alternate), Class of 2013, lhathaway@sjcounty.net