Electronic Records Clerk                                             Closing Date: December 1, 2014

Company Name:      One Source International, LLC
Approx. hrs. / week 40
Days of week            5
Salary Range           $10/hr

Position Description and Qualifications
This position is responsible for working with a team of talented individuals to prepare, organize, and configure electronic data (email, correspondence, petroleum, seismic accounting/ /h.r. documents) in order to be processed for electronic discovery.
Primary responsibilities include:
   • Metadata and text extraction, duplication, and application of search terms
   • TIFF/PDF conversion
   • Exception handling
   • Quality control
   • Data analysis
The ideal candidate will enjoy using analytical problem solving to resolve complex data issues. They should have strong math and/or technology skills, be detail oriented, understand the importance of confidentiality, have the ability to work as part of a team.

Basic Qualifications
Ability to perform detailed work consistently, accurately, and under pressure extremely important. Must be able to read and follow instructions. Must be able to understand task, task objectives, and the context of the task. Must take the initiative to ask questions when necessary to complete task correctly (e.g. where instructions are not explicit or appear to be contrary to the task objective). Must have recent computer skills as well as typing/keyboarding skills and good communication skills. Undergraduate degree preferred.

Desired skills
*Proficient in desktop computers as well as Microsoft Office software programs (i.e., Word, Excel, Access and Outlook), Adobe Acrobat Professional, and other databases, strongly preferred.

How to Apply
Please submit your resume via email to