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US DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE                                              CLOSING DATE:  April 8, 2014
The George Washington and Jefferson National Forests, located in Virginia, are seeking applicants for the following seven positions:

1-Position Title:  Budget Officer                                         Location:  Roanoke, VA
Salary Range:    $41,000 - $50,000

Duties:  Develop and implement all aspects of forest budget.  Provides strategic budget analysis and direction to forest leadership.

Contact:  Administrative Officer Cindy Holland at (540) 265-5100  or  cholland01@fs.fed.us.

2-Position Title:  Support Services Supervisor (2)                 Location:  Blacksburg, VA 
Salary Range:    $25,000 - $39,999                                                     Edinburg, VA

Duties:  Two Positions.  Budget, collection, procurement, equipment and fleet inentories, filing, correspondence, supervises 1-2 employees.

Contact:  Blacksburg, VA:  Contact Cindy Schiffer District ranger    at (540) 522-4641  or  cshiffer@fs.fed.us.
               Edinburg, VA:      Contact District Ranger Katie Donahue at (540) 984-4101  or  kdonahue@fs.fed.us

3-Position Title: Administrative Clerk                                  Location:  Edinburg, VA 
Salary Range:    $27,000                                                    

Duties:  Greeting visitors, answering telephone, providing information, and issuing permits to the public, clerical duties.

Contact:  District Ranger Katie Donahue at (540) 984-4101  or  kdonahue@fs.fed.us

4-Position Title: Wildlife Technician                                  Location:  Harrisonburg, VA 
Salary Range:    $27,000                                                    

Duties:  Projects enhancing fish and wildlife habitat, data entry and record keeping.  Projects involve the use of a farm tractor, power tools, and equipment working with controlled fire.

Contact:  District Ranger Elwood Burge at (540) 432-0187  or  eburge@fs.fed.us.

5-Position Title: Air Resources Specialist                           Location:  Roanoke, VA  o  Asheville, NC
Salary Range:    $60,000 +                                                   

Duties: Air pollution permits, assists in determining impacts of forest management activities for several national forests in the southeast United States.

Contact:  Natural Resources Staff Officer Ken Landgraf at (540) 265-5100  or klandgraf@fs.fed.us.

6-Position Title:  Natural Resource Specialist (2)                   Location:  Hot Springs, VA
Salary Range:    $50,000 +                                                                   Edinburg, VA

Duties: Two positions.  Managing recreation, lands, and minerals programs, including program budgets, coordinating and accomplishing projects, partnerships, and volunteers.

Contact:  Edinburg, VA:  District Ranger Katie Donahue at (540) 984-4101  or  kdonahue@fs.fed.us.
               Hot springs, VA:  District Ranger Pat Sheridan at (540) 839-2521  or  psheridan@fs.fed.us.

7-Position Title:  Timber Management Assistant (2)               Location:  Covington, VA
Salary Range:    $27,000                                                                     Wise, VA

Duties: Two positions. Manages vegetation, commercial timber products, and transportation programs, including budgets, working with specialists and the public to develop and implement on-the-ground projects.  Supervise four employees. .

Contact:  Wise, VA:         District Ranger Jorge Hersel at (276) 679-8370  or  jorgehersel@fs.fed.us.
               Covington, VA:  District Ranger Pat Sheridan at (540) 839-2521  or  psheridan@fs.fed.us


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Position Title:  Correctional Officer
Salary Range:    $39,012 - $56,156

Position Description and Qualifications
The incumbent serves as Corectional Officer and performs the full range of duties and responsiblities for detention, correctional supervision, protection, control and accountability of inmates. This is a progressively responsible position in which the incumbent performs specific duties of the various correctional post to which assigned. Refer to website for detail job description and qualifications. If you would like an exciting Federal career in criminal justice, then apply today!

How to Applywww.usajobs.gov   The job number is CD-14-PQ1076337 (DEU).