Copyright Issues

Copyright Overview

Describes the basics of copyright, fair use and the TEACH act.

Copyright and Fair Use, Stanford University Libraries

Copyright FAQ, information on website permissions, academic and educational permissions, fair use and the public domain, releases, and copyright research.

Copyright and Fair Use in the Classroom and the Internet, UMUC Libraries

A good overview of copyright issues and how they impact distance education.

Crash Course in Copyright, University of Texas system

Addresses a ranges of copyright issues, including licensing. A unique feature of this site is the "Ask a Lawyer" section, found on the left-column navigator bar.

Title 17, Chapter 1: Subject Matter and Scope of Copyright

The US Code, including Chapter 17: Subject Matter and Scope of Copyright.

Copyright Clearance Center

Facilitates getting permission to use copyrighted materials.

When materials pass into the public domain, Lolly Gasaway, University of North Carolina

Describes when materials pass into the public domain by assessing when the work was created, what is protected, and the term of the protection.