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Brian Seavey with studentHow do class evaluations work?

A class evaluation survey is a tool used to gather opinion and information about the quality of content and instruction for each class at San Juan College .†The same questions are used college-wide. The evaluations are expected to be completed for each class before the end of each semester; summer semester is optional.

Why canít I register without seeing my advisor?

If you are a degree-seeking student who has completed less than 24 credit hours at San Juan College, a registration hold will be placed on your academic record, which calls for you to meet with your academic advisor before you register for classes.†This will help assure that you take the appropriate required courses in your academic program.

Who is an academic advisor?

An academic advisor is a faculty member who can best advice you in your field of study. The instructor has expertise and experience in your chosen major and can work with you in selecting the courses needed to complete your program. Students are assigned an academic advisor as soon as they choose a major and submit that information to the admissions office.

How do I know who my advisor is?

The admissions or counseling office assigns advisors and will notify you of who your academic advisor is.

Why do I need a major?

An academic major is a specific field within a large area of study. This will usually be the area you wish to specialize in once you have identified which area you are interested in. for example, you can major in Computer Science, Accounting, Management or any area of interest to you. Working closely with your academic advisor will help you identify your area of interest.

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