Golden "Sun" Award

The Recognition Team introduced the Sun Award a couple of years ago. What makes the Sun Award unique is that the award rotates from one employee to the next with last semester’s winner responsible for selecting this semester’s winner. The selection is based upon exemplary service as recognized by another employee outside of the nominee’s employee group.


The Sun Award is a peer-to-peer award that is given twice a year to employees who exhibit outstanding commitment to the College’s mission and vision of providing quality service to faculty, staff, and students. The recipient of the award is recognized for service “beyond the call of duty” and holds the award for a period of six months.

At the end of the six-month award period, the current recipient chooses the next employee to receive the award. The current recipient and the new awardees can determine the award ceremony. Recipients of the Sun Award will be announced in August and January during the Convocation ceremonies.

Award Recipients

  • 1/13 Rhonda Schaefer
  • 8/12 Terry Swan
  • 1/11 James Pinckard
  • 8/11 Garry Smothers
  • 1/11 William Gray
  • 8/10 Cheryl Trujillo
  • 1/10 Mike McDonald
  • 8/09 Not awarded
  • 1/09 Pete Kinnas
  • 8/08 Kay Brown
  • 1/08 Sherri Cummins-Black
  • 8/07 Rick De La Barcena
  • 1/07 Jerome Johnson / Rob Comer
  • 8/06 Kate Fulton
  • 1/06 Joan Arrowsmith
  • 8/05 Naoma Cox
  • 1/05 Donna Hobbs
  • 8/04 Steve Biernacki
  • 1/04 Keith Cochrane
  • 8/03 Billy Newton
  • 1/03 Gary Golden
  • 8/02 Rodney Neidigh
  • 1/02 Kerry Meier
  • 8/01 Lisa McCord
  • 1/01 Jan Hendrix