Allison Faculty Excellence

San Juan College Foundation
Lou & Ruth Allison Faculty Excellence Award

Note:  This award was made possible by the generosity of Lou and Ruth Allison of Farmington, New Mexico in 1990.

The Lou and Ruth Allison Faculty Excellence Award is given in honor of Lou Allison, who as a true philanthropist, was devoted to his community and to supporting higher education.  This award includes a stipend and is given to a faculty member who best exemplifies a balanced commitment to both the student and an academic discipline.

Criteria and Selection Procedures

  1. Recipient must be a full-time faculty member of San Juan College for the entire year in which the award is being made.
  2. Vice President for Instruction will solicit nominations from each school dean in the early spring.
  3. Criteria to be based on the “Performance Evaluation Reports”, student evaluation and testimonials, service to the college and community, and special recognitions received for teaching or distinctions brought to the college.
  4. School deans are to provide a short narrative supporting the nomination.
  5. All nominations will be kept confidential.
  6. Final selection will be made by the Learning Leadership Team and approved by the college President.
  7. Presentation of the award and preparation of plaque and stipend will be coordinated by the Foundation Office.  The President of the College Foundation or his/her designee will present the award during the annual commencement ceremonies of San Juan College.

Award Recipients

  • 2013 Bonnie Rung
  • 2012 John Hoff
  • 2011 Sherry Paxson
  • 2010 LuAnn Walton
  • 2009 Chris Baade
  • 2008 Carl Bickford
  • 2007 Bart Womack
  • 2006 Allan Nass
  • 2005 Gerald Williams
  • 2004 Callie Vanderbilt
  • 2003 Sue Schmedinghoff
  • 2002 Lynn Onken
  • 2001 Vicki Holmsten
  • 2000 Jimmy Miller
  • 1999 Paula Baxter
  • 1998 Lynn Abbott
  • 1997 Rick Watson
  • 1996 Ralph Moorehead
  • 1995 John Collins
  • 1994 Kenneth Heil
  • 1993 Elizabeth Brock
  • 1992 Michael Anziano
  • 1991 Kerry Meier
  • 1990 Melvona Boren
  • 1989 Charles Houghton
  • 1988 Estelle Morin
  • 1987 David Nickoley
  • 1986 William Windsor