San Juan College Foundation
Annabelle Friddle Award
“Inspiring Students … Transforming Lives”

Anabell FriddleHistory: The $2500 Annabelle Friddle Award was made possible by Annabelle Friddle of Aztec, New Mexico in 1997. The award has been designated to honor a full-time faculty member who demonstrates exceptional commitment to students.

  1. San Juan College students are eligible to nominate an instructor based on the following criteria: The instructor must have been a full-time faculty for at least three years who is currently teaching on a continuing contract basis and has not previously received the Annabelle Friddle Award.
  2. Nominations must be submitted electronically or a hard copy returned to the Student Activities Office by noon on November 30th, 2015.
  3. Nomination form will be forwarded to the instructors' school dean, who will be asked to supply further background information on the nominee.
  4. A panel composed of student representatives from Associated Students and San Juan College Student Ambassadors will be asked to evaluate the nomination forms based on the award criteria.
  5. The SJC Awards Committee will tabulate the scores, and the recipient will be announced at Spring Convocation.

Friddle Nomination Form

Award Recipients

  • 2014 Doug Coyner
  • 2013 Keith Cochrane
  • 2012 Beth Carter
  • 2011 Judith Palier
  • 2010 Chris Strouthopoulos
  • 2009 Andrea Erickson
  • 2008 David Bramhall
  • 2007 Therese Millis
  • 2006 Connie Kelt
  • 2005 Manuel Montoya
  • 2004 Vernon Willie
  • 2003 William “Bill” Hatch
  • 2002 Merrill Adams
  • 2001 Lisa Wilson
  • 2000 Jana Wallace
  • 1999 Eric Miller
  • 1998 Carl Bickford