Technical Theatre

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Technical Theatre
3.0 credits THEA-110: Introduction to Theatre
Examines the aesthetic and practical nature of theatre by discovering, analyzing, and evaluating all aspects of the theatre experience. This includes history and criticism, playwriting, directing, acting, designing and producing. [NM Common Course Number THTR 1013, Area V: Humanities/Fine Arts Core]
Prerequisites: (RDNG-050 OR RDNG-096) and ENGL-050 or appropriate Reading and English Accuplacer scores.
Offered: FASP
3.0 credits THEA-111: Acting I
Introduces students to basic acting concepts, terminology, and methodology through voice and movement, theatre games, improvisation, text/character analysis and performance.
Offered: FASP
3.0 credits THEA-112: Acting II
Delves further into the dynamics of performance learned in Acting I. Through exploration of techniques and methodologies of various theatre innovators, students will complete analysis, rehearsal, and performance of scenes from contemporary plays.
Prerequisites: Take THEA-111 or permission of instructor.
Offered: SP
2.0 credits THEA-115: Basic Stage Combat
Learn basic hand-to-hand and sword fighting techniques for the stage. They will explore the elements necessary for safe and believable fighting on stage.
Offered: FALL, Odd Year
3.0 credits THEA-120: Introduction to Film
Surveys and takes a critical approach to significant films, film styles and genres, and film directors from the advent of the moving image to the present.
Prerequisites: ENGL-095 and (RDNG-095 OR RDNG-096) or appropriate English and Reading Accuplacer scores.
Offered: FALL, Even Year
3.0 credits THEA-125: Musical Theatre Performance
Learn the skills necessary in approaching a role in a musical theatre production including acting, singing, and dancing necessary in creating a character.
Prerequisites: THEA-111 or instructor permission required.
Offered: FALL, Odd Year Faculty Permission Required
3.0 credits THEA-140: Intro to Costuming
Learn basic techniques of costume construction including sewing and craft applications for building costumes. Students will work on costumes and/or on a running crew for the fall production.
Offered: FALL, Even Year
1.0 - 2.0 credits THEA-220: Theatre Practicum
Students will participate in productions, either in acting or technical work. This course may be repeated for a total of 4 credits toward graduation.
Offered: FASP
3.0 credits THEA-230: Directing
Play analysis, interpretation, visual composition, and actor coaching for the beginning director. Students will direct several scenes, as well as a one act play.
Prerequisites: Take THEA-111 or instructor permission.
Offered: SP, Odd Year
3.0 credits THEA-240: Creative Dramatics
Explore techniques for developing creativity and original dramatizations through improvisation and drama activities for all age groups. Emphasis is on using creative drama as a development tool with children and youth in educational and recreational settings.
Offered: SU
4.0 credits THEA-250: Intro to Stagecraft
Learn basic techniques of set construction for the stage, including building scenery and properties. Students will work on construction and/or on a running crew for the spring production.
Offered: SP, Even Year
3.0 credits THEA-260: Intro to Theatre Makeup
Learn basic techniques of theatre makeup. Students will explore applications for various stylizations including period, fantasy, and special effects. This may include practice in productions during the semester.
Offered: FALL, Odd Year
4.0 credits THEA-270: Intro to Theatre Lighting
Learn basic techniques of theatre lighting for the stage with an emphasis on instrumentation and lighting control for various theatre applications. Students will work on light installation and/or a running crew for the fall production.
Offered: FALL, Even Year
3.0 credits THEA-275: Intro to Stage Management
Learn the functions, duties, and responsibilities of the stage manager in rehearsal and performance. Students will assume the role of a stage manager for the spring productions.
Offered: SP, Odd Year
4.0 credits THEA-288: Theatre Capstone
This course represents a culmination of skills and knowledge learned through the theatre degree and is the final step in preparing students for admission to a four-year college or a career in theatre. Students will assemble a resume and portfolio and execute a capstone project in their area of emphasis.
Prerequisites: Take THEA-110, THEA-111, THEA-140, THEA-220, THEA-230 THEA-250, THEA-260, THEA-270, THEA-275
Offered: SP
1.0 - 4.0 credits THEA-299: SPTO: (Special Topics)
This course includes special or specific subjects that are offered to meet the needs of students. Topics and credits are announced in the Schedule of Classes. These courses may be used as electives for Associate degree requirements. May be repeated one or more times for additional credit. No more than 6 credits of special topic courses can be used toward a degree. Semester Offered - On demand.
Offered: DMND

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