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GED® CLasses and the computer-based GED® Examination

San Juan College offers both preparation classes as well as the computer-based GED® Exam. The Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program at San Juan College offers instruction to adults who do not have a high school diploma and offers free non-credit clases in basic reading, math, and writing to prepare for the final GED® test. For more information on the ABE program, visit or call (505) 566-3270. If you are unable to attend GED® preparation classes, you can purchase the official GED® Practice Test online, by visiting, or logging in to Each site allows you to choose your subject, answer thousands of practice questions, and receive instant practice test scores. A shorter, free practice test is also offered, but only includes a portion of the skills tested. 

Some free online tutorial websites that focus on computer literacy, keyboarding, mouse, and calculator skills:

The 2014 GED® Test is computer-based and contains four modules:

Science (90 minutes)
Reasoning through Language Arts
(150 minutes, including a 10-minute break)

Social Studies (90 minutes)
Mathematical Reasoning (115 minutes)

Cost Scoring Retakes Completion

Cost of the full battery is $120, but can be paid per test ($30), if the test taker prefers to register and take only one test subject at a time.

Test takers need a score of 150 (or higher) on each of the four content modules in order to be eligible to receive a high school equivalency credential (diploma).

New Mexico’s jurisdictional policy currently allows students to retake modules within the GED® test before completing all four modules.

There is a 30-day waiting period between test attempts, but GED Testing Services® will waive fees for two free retakes (per module). Cost of retaking each module thereafter is $30.

Scores are valid for three years beginning from the moment the first test is taken until all four tests are passed with a score of 150 or higher.


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GED® Transcript and Credential/Diploma requests

If you have completed your GED® at San Juan College or in the State of New Mexico, DiplomaSender has all NM GED® records from 1943 to the present.  Test takers who tested from February 1, 2013 to the present will receive a first copy of their diploma or NM High School Equivalency Credential, plus a transcript free of charge (all credentials printed by DiplomaSender beginning October 1, 2014, will read "New Mexico High School Equivalency Credential," while all records prior to that date will be referenced as "New Mexico High School Diploma").

Prior to February 2013, you can purchase a copy of your transcript or diploma also through Cost of each request is $18 and can be paid by credit/debit card or money order/cashier check.

To find a transcript request for another state:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for: the state's abbreviation, "GED", and "transcript", as in "AZ GED Transcript"
  3. The webpage for your state's GED department should be one of the first listings that appear.