Alaska Mountaineering


The Outdoor Leadership Program and the International Program will embark on an expedition style mountaineering trip to Alaska to climb the highest peak in the Chugach Mountains. During this class we will attempt to climb the 13,176 ft. Mount Marcus Baker. This expedition style mountaineering trip will start with a ride on a bush plane which will land on the Knik glacier. We will then trek to the base of the mountain and establish our base camp. During this class students will learn how to safely travel and camp on glaciers, climb snow, rock and ice as well as plan expedition style mountaineering trips.
Good physical condition is essential.

During this class students will be backpacking and climbing in the remote Chugach Mountain range in Alaska and summiting Mount Marcus baker (13,176 feet). Evacuation to a hospital may take days. The students will be hiking on rough uneven terrain carrying backpacks that weigh 50 – 65 lbs. They will be required to travel on snow, rocks, boulders, logs, as well as cross streams and ascend and descend steep slopes. Some days will require ascending 2,000 – 3,000 feet in a day. The majority of this course will take place between 8,000 – 13,000 feet elevation. Students will be expected to take care of themselves, prepare their own food on camp stoves, set up camp, sleep in tents, and endure long physically demanding days.

During this trip we will be flying out of Albuquerque and into Anchorage, AK. During these flights we will be carrying and transporting large duffel bags filled with climbing equipment and expedition climbing gear. Once in Anchorage, we will be using transportation provided by Alaska Pacific University . We will then have Blue Ice Aviation fly us onto the glacier using their Piper Super-Cub bush plane. You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from Albuquerque, NM.

While in Anchorage, AK we will be staying in housing provided by Alaska Pacific University. During the expedition to Mount Marcus Baker, we will be camping in tents on snow/glaciers. You will be on your own for lodging prior to and after the trip in Albuquerque if needed.

Weather on Mount Marcus Baker can be very unpredictable. We may see temperatures ranging from 70 degrees to below freezing. June is considered early summer in Alaska however; we may encounter snow, rain, hail, and fog.

Water will be disinfected with iodine, bleach, or boiling. Please be aware that iodine may interact with allergies or medications.


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