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Financial Aid Disbursement

How Aid is Disbursed

Financial aid is awarded and disbursed by semester. There are different disbursement rules for each type of aid. Generally, aid is disbursed after a semester begins and the add/drop period has closed; usually about four weeks into the semester. Application review, verification (if selected), and awarding of aid must be completed before aid can be disbursed. All aid is disbursed directly to a student's San Juan College account first, except work-study payroll checks. The awards are used to pay tuition, fees, bookstore charges or other charges.  The remaining award monies will be mailed to the student. 

Awards are originally created based on full-time enrollment which is 12 or more credit hours.  Part-time enrollment is anything less than 12 credits.  Half-time enrollment is at least 6 credit hours.  Enrollment in less than 12 credit-hours may result in a reduction of financial aid eligibility.  Disbursed aid may vary from an announced award for several reasons such as a change to a student's enrollment status, loans fees, or a change to a student's eligibility status.

Financial aid awards are based on enrollment status as determined on census day.  The determination of full-time or part-time enrollment status is made based on the student's enrollment as of census day.  (Census day is the last day students may drop courses or change courses from credit to audit status.  Check the academic calendar for the scheduling of this date.)  The addition of short-term or extended credit classes DO NOT change the student's enrollment classification after the census has been reported. 

Aid is disbursed in increments based on enrollment.  Students may receive only a partial payment if he or she is enrolled in late-start classes.  For example: Student A enrolled in 12 credits for the entire semester.  But, 9 credits begin August 20 and 3 credits start October 1.  In this case the student will only receive aid for 9 credits at first.  The remaining financial aid will not be disbursed until the student begins the other 3 credits on October 1.  

A student must maintain financial aid eligibility for an award to be disbursed. It is important to provide accurate information at the time of application and during the application review because development of new or conflicting information throughout the academic year can affect a student's awards retroactively.

Disbursement of Aid

Federal Pell, SEOG, and SSIG grants are disbursed to the student's SJC account.  The amount may be adjusted based on enrollment status.

Student (and Parent) loans: Disbursed to the student's account if the student meets the disbursement requirements including being enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours. If the borrower is a new borrower, the first disbursement, if arrived from the bank, will be released within three days of the census date.

In general loans will be disbursed in two installments, typically once in the fall and once in the spring.  If a student borrows for one semester only, the loan proceeds will also be disbursed in two installments, typically at the beginning and midpoint of the semester.

Work-study award payments, or payroll checks are issued twice-monthly directly to the student.  Students must complete and submit approved timesheets to the payroll office to recieve payroll checks.

Refund of Financial Aid Credit Balance

When financial aid has been posted to a student's account, charges for tuition, fees, and bookstore expenses will be deducted from the account first.  The Business Office will mail any credit balance to the student's listed address with the Admissions and Records Office.  Please ensure the address on file is the current mailing address. If you do not receive your refund in the mail, notify the Business Office at (505) 566-3396.

Withdrawal from All Courses

If a student officially withdraws from SJC or stops attending all her/his courses during a term, there may be financial consequences. The Financial Aid Office must calculate the amount of federal financial aid a student earned, and any remaining disbursed funds must be returned to the financial aid programs. This may result in charges to the student's account. For more information, see Withdrawals and Return of Title IV funding.