Financial Aid Forms

If you have been selected for Verification (The Federal process that requires review of your FAFSA and the information used to complete the FAFSA) or you need other Financial Aid Forms, simply click on the form listed below and print. Follow the directions on the appropriate form and submit it, along with any required documents, to the financial aid office.

2013-2014 Summary Letter: Basic Financial Aid Processes

Awards Summary Letter: -- A very brief but very important explanation of financial aid processes, policies and awards.  This is highly recommended reading for all students receiving a financial aid award.

Please click here for the 2014 Summer form.

Verification Forms

                   Dependent Verification Worksheets                                   Independent Verification Worksheets                

                 2013-2014                               2014-2015                               2013-2014                            2014-2015

13-14 Dep. V1
14-15 Dep. V1 13-14 Ind. V1
14-15 Ind. V1
13-14 Dep. V2
14-15 Dep. V3 13-14 Ind. V2
14-15 Ind. V3
13-14 Dep. V3
14-15 Dep. V4 13-14 Ind.V3
14-15 Ind. V4
13-14 Dep.V4
14-15 Dep. V5 13-14 Ind.V4
14-15 Ind. V5
13-14 Dep.V5
14-15 Dep. V6 13-14 Ind. V5
14-15 Ind. V6

2014-2015 Family Size Worksheet                                     2014-2015 Financial Support Worksheet


Dependency Status Worksheets/Forms

                                        2013-2014                                                                            2014-2015
2013-2014 Dependent/Independent Status Worksheet 2014-2015 Dependent/Independent Status Worksheet
2013-2014 Dependent Override Appeal Form 2014-2015 Dependent Override Appeal Form

Other forms

   2013-2014                                                                            2014-2015
2013-2014 Citizenship Verification Form 2014-2015 Citizenship Verification Form
2013-2014 Drug Conviction Eligibility Worksheet 2014-2015 Drug Conviction Eligibility Worksheet
2013-2014 Child-Care Expense Certification Form 2014-2015 Child-Care Expense Certification Form
2013-2014 Dislocated Worker Verification Form 2014-2015 Dislocated Worker Verification Form

Financial Aid Records Release Form


2014-2015 NM Lottery Transfer Form

    Appeal Forms

        2013-2014 & 2014-2015

13-14 Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal
14-15 Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal
13-14 Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Additional Degree Appeal
14-15 Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Additional Degree Appeal
13-14 Unusual Enrollment History Review
13-14 Request for Special Circumstances
13-14 Unusual Enrollment History Appeal  14-15 Request for Special Cirumstances (Independent)

 14-15 Request for Special Circumstances (Dependent)


Work Study Forms

Place an Ad Form (EMPLOYER)

Supervisor Handbook (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Student Handbook (UNDER CONTSTRUCTION)
Online Training for Student Workers Web Time Sheet Guidelines
Sample Confidentiality Agreement Termination Form (EMPLOYER)

Loans Links and Forms

Online Direct Loan Entrance Counseling Online Direct Loan Exit Counseling
Online Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) Loan Deferment

  2013-2014 SJC Direct Loan Request Form /Word Doc

San Juan College Consortium Agreement


VA / GI Bill Forms

New Veteran Student Checklist and Certification Form Returning Student Certification Form