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Dental Hygiene


Selection Criteria

The Dental Hygiene Program is a competitive and selective program and admission is limited.

Applicants are ranked based on the following criteria:

  • College GPA (last 24 academic credit hours) – 15%
  • Prerequisite Course GPA – 22%
  • General Education Course GPA – 15%
  • ACT Exam Score – 15%
  • Previous Dental Experience – 1%
  • Professional Program Success – 10%
  • New Mexico Residency – 5%
  • Advanced Degree – Up to 2%
  • Rated Responses to Written Essay Questions – 15%

Note: essays are graded by an independent team of professors from the humanities department.

In the Lab

If Selected

If you are selected to the Program, the following requirements will apply:

  • Ethical and professional behavior is expected and required of all students.
  • Students must provide for their own transportation to and from agencies utilized for clinical experiences and community service projects.
  • Students must complete each course within the Dental Hygiene Curriculum with a “C” or above to remain in the program.
  • Students must maintain all required immunizations, including;
    • Hepatitis B series
    • Tuberculin Skin Test (PPD-TB test)
    • Diphtheria, Tetanus (TD)
    • Measles (Rubeola)
    • Mumps
    • Rubella
  • Students must participate in REQUIRED Basic Life Support (CPR) training before the beginning of classes in the Fall semester of each year.
  • Students must demonstrate proof of medical insurance each semester.
  • Students are responsible to purchase uniforms, magnification loops and required student instrument kits.
  • Students are responsible for furnishing their own patients for clinical practice. The Program will assist the student, but the sole responsibility is with the student.
  • Students will be required to be in Clinic approximately 12-20 hours each week depending upon the semester. They will need to be able to devote sufficient time for studying, scheduling and confirming patients, and completing community service projects. The Dental Hygiene Curriculum is both academically and clinically challenging. You should be prepared to devote the next 2 years of your life to reaching the goals of your new profession.
  • The student will be asked to demonstrate both a desire and the clinical skills necessary to provide high quality dental care to patients.
  • Students must read and adhere to all requirements in the latest edition of the San Juan College Clinic manual.

For more information, please call Dental Hygiene at (505) 566-3642. Or send an email to