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Retrieve Data Release Number (DRN#) Online

A Data Release Number (DRN) is a four-digit number assigned to your application by Federal Student Aid. It is printed on the lower left-hand corner of the paper Student Aid Report (SAR), in the upper right-hand corner on the electronic SAR, and on your confirmation page.

The DRN can be provided to a customer service representative to make certain changes to your FAFSA information. These changes include: permanent mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, school code and/or housing plan.

You should not give your DRN to anyone unless you want that person to have access to your FAFSA information.

  1. Get online at
  2. Under section number 3, click on "View and Print your Student Aid Report" (SAR).
  3. Student Access page comes up. Click on pull-down to "Select" to choose the school year. Click "Next". Click "OK" and the next page will be "Confirming Your Identity".
  4. "Confirming Your Identity" - Enter the requested information (social security number, first and last name, date of birth and financial aid PIN). Click on "Submit" then click "OK" and wait.
  5. "SAR Transaction" page comes up. Click on the highest transaction number. Ex: 01, 02. 
  6. Processing Information page comes up. Click on (left navigation) "Print Summary".
  7. Your Summary or Student Aid Report (SAR) comes up and the DRN# is located on the top part of the document. Click on "Print" to print out the Summary. The Summary will provide you with Student information, Estimated Family Contribution (EFC), and your DRN#.