San Juan College announces two new accreditations for School of Trades and Technology

The School of Trades and Technology announced at the San Juan College February Board Meeting that the Diesel and Automotive Program has received accreditation with the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) and the Toyota T-TEN Program.

NATEF is a non-profit organization founded to improve technician training across the nation. NATEF offers accreditation for technician educations programs in Automotive, Collision Repair and Medium/Heavy Duty Trucks.

The Diesel Technology Program pursued NATEF accreditation to align the program to national industry standards, to ensure local employers quality trained entry level technicians and to attach a national accreditation to the program that students can use across the country.

During the accreditation process, representatives from NATEF and representatives of local businesses evaluated 10 standards, nine of which applied to the Diesel Program at SJC. That site visit resulted in a rating of 5 (exceptional, above average) on the majority of the areas evaluated. The visit also found that the SJC faculty are well trained and qualified for the courses that they teach and that the program curriculum meets and in some areas exceeds the minimum requirements among other findings.

San Juan College also received its T-TEN accreditation that provides students with the necessary skills and theory to become a certified Toyota Technician. Currently, San Juan College is one of 10 schools that have the authority to grant training credit in all eight T-TEN areas.

T-TEN officials visited the SJC campus and during that visit validated all course material, instructors’ qualifications; recruitment, enrollment and retention information; testing results and shop tools and equipment.

For more information about the Diesel Program’s NATEF accreditation, call Jason Hayes at 566-3319. For more information about the Automotive Program’s T-TEN accreditation, call Kerry Meier at 566-3388.