Honors Courses

Class DiscussionHonors Sections of Core Courses

Honors sections of core courses are open to all students and may be substituted for regular sections. Students should expect a higher level of class participation and greater responsibility for directing learning activities. 

The following core courses are offered regularly with honors sections:

ANTH 210       Intro to Cultural Anth.
ARTS 110        Orientation in Art
BIOL 121         Intro to Biology
ECON 251       Macroeconomics
ECON 252       Microeconomics
Gathered around a tableENGL 111        Freshman Composition
ENGL 211        Advanced Composition
ENGL 218        Advanced Tech. Comp.
GEOL 110        Intro to Geology
GEOL 111        Historical Geology
HIST 121         Western Civ. to 1700
HIST 122         Western Civ. from 1700
HIST 211         U.S. History to 1865
HIST 212         U. S. History from 1865
PHIL 110         Intro to Philosophy
PSYC 120         Intro to Psychology
PSYC 230         Human Development
SOCI 110         Intro to Sociology
SOCI 210         Social Problems
SPCH 110        Public Speaking

Students in the MountainsSan Juan College offers Honors Courses in three basic formats:

  • Embedded Honors Courses are generally core courses which are regularly offered with both honors and non-honors students simultaneously enrolled. Honors students in these sections do more in-depth investigations of topics and are held to higher academic standards.
  • Honors Core Courses are general education required courses with only honors students enrolled. Students in such sections address wider issues of a discipline and consider a topic in greater depth.
  • Special Honors Topics Courses are offered periodically and provide students with opportunities to study a variety of topics. These courses may be interdisciplinary, team-taught, and conducted in a seminar environment. Students should expect to work with primary sources, lead discussion and/or work collaboratively on projects. These courses will fulfill elective credits toward graduation.  

Students in the MountainsPast special topics courses have included:

  • History and Literature of the West
  • America and the Middle East
  • The History of Psychology
  • Literature and Madness
  • The World of Orchids
  • Culture and Politics: Anthropology and Political Science
  • Evolutionary Psychology