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Computer Labs

San Juan College maintains over 1000 computers in over 50 labs. These computers provide access to a broad range of applications and to the Internet to assist students in their learning exerience. These labs are maintained and managed by a team of shift leaders and student workers serving as lab aassistants (LA). Lab assistants assist students and staff with such things as logging into email, finding files on personal drives, assistance with printing, calling for support if things break, and assisting with finding available computers. They are students helping students.

The labs are scattered all over campus but the College Web Site will assist you in finding their locations. Simply follow this link: Computer Lab Locator
To find out more information about the computer labs, please follow this link: Computer Labs


Data Protection 

OTS has implemented the CommVault Galaxy data protection backup system. Galaxy recovery is designed around efficient data movement. Backup data is located by browsing and the data is selected and recovered quickly and efficiently. Galaxy backup is application-aware and designed to self-manage. Point-and-click reporting saves time and provides useful statistics for tuning the data protection environment.

Future OTS project plans include the ability to backup systems directly to a co-location across a direct fiber connection.



San Juan College currently operates the Datatel Colleague Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.

Datatel Colleague is an advanced enterprise resource planning solution designed specifically for higher education. Colleague places the institution’s information at the fingertips of those who need it.

Based on an innovative single-source technology approach, coupled with a date-driven rules-based architecture, Colleague has unparalleled flexibility. The groundbreaking architecture of Colleague preserves and maximizes our investment by allowing for independent and flexible upgrades, without affecting integral system components.


Email and File Storage

Everyone at San Juan College receives an email account and space on a server to store files.

Faculty and Staff use Outlook with the full robustness of the application available for their use. Calendaring, To-Do list, contacts, shared folders, and even rules are available for use.

Students use Windows Live Mail a web-based email with similar features to Outlook. Live Mail features include:

  • 5 Gigabytes Mailbox
  • Contacts folders
  • Ability to send/receive meeting requests from users with exchange accounts
  • Ability to forward email
  • Ability to set up POP3 accounts
  • 5 Gigabyte Skydrive (virtual drive - accessible anywhere)

Network storage is also provided for students, faculty and staff and can be accessed on campus by using the mapped drive H:, or off campus through the San Juan College MySJC Portal. The space is fully protected by the security of the network and is backed up on a regular basis. 


High Speed Network

OTS presently maintains high speed fiber connection to all buildings on main campus with redundant alternative routes between buildings to provide fast, dependable connection to College resources and the Internet. In addition to the main campus, fiber connectivity is also provided to the 30th street facility allowing our University Program Partners the same high speed and reliability as the College main campus.


Modern Data Center

The SJC State-of-the-Art Data Center houses over 100 servers running a variety of operating systems and applications in a climatically controlled environment.

Fire suppression is provided with an FM 200 waterless system. The system uses Heptafluoropropane gas and is capable of detecting and suppressing a fire within 10 seconds by removing the heat of the fire and not the oxygen. The gas is safe for humans and the Ozone and is actually approved for use in pharmaceutical inhalers.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) provides operation in the event that the local power grid goes down. Keeping the servers up and running prevents loss of data and provides immediate access to critical systems once power is restored.

Systems are monitored 24x7x365 for usage, errors, failure, disconnection, and temperature using multiple advanced software systems.


Multimedia Classrooms

The Office of Technology Services currently maintains multimedia equipment in over 100 classrooms. Providing this equipment allows faculty to schedule any room without concern over multimedia capabilities. It also allows all instructors the ability to use multimedia to enhance their teaching at whatever level they choose. This in turn provides a better learning environment for all of our students.

The typical multimedia classroom contains the following equipment:

  1. Sound system with ceiling mounted speakers.
  2. PC with CD/DVD player
  3. VHS and DVD player
  4. Document Reader
  5. Ceiling mounted projector with the ability to project from the PC, document reader, video player, or a laptop 


MySJC Portal

San Juan College provides a portal for Faculty, Staff and Students that is accessible from anywhere that an Internet connection exists. The MySJC Portal provides quick and easy access to a host of services. This secure site is where you can check e-mail, view your classes, search the course catalog and register for classes, view your pay stubs, access personal (H:) and shared (S:) drives, get the latest campus updates and many more features.


SJC Card

 The SJC Card is the official San Juan College identification card. All students, faculty, adjunct faculty, and staff are required to carry the SJC Card for identification purposes.

Your SJC Card is used for:

  • Identification
  • HHPC
  • Library Card
  • Building Access
  • Printing

Future Uses:

  • Food Services
  • Vending Machines
  • Bookstore

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 Front View of SJC Card. Digitized Picture used for identification. Also on the front of the card is your Datatel ID number.

Back View of SJC Card. Magnetic Stripe used to store important information.


Technology Refresh

SJC provides state-of-the-art technology and keeps it up to date through a refresh program. Every device that is managed and maintained by OTS is on a refresh cycle that typically lasts 4 to 5 years. The PC Refresh is a huge annual event. OTS maintains over 2000 computers of which 25% are replaced each year. Each year, one large delivery is made and PC Services quickly begins the inventory and replacement process. 


Voice Over Internet Protocol 

Telecommunications on the main campus, east campus, and 30th street all run over Internet Protocol (IP). VOIP has reduced the overall cost of technology support through the convergence of Voice and Data over the same transmission lines, network devices, and other equipment. The integrated infrastructure reduces the complexity and knowledge base required for maintaining multiple independent technologies. It also increases opportunities for further integration of future technologies based on the Internet Protocol.


Wireless Network

SJC has wireless connectivity throughout the buildings on the main campus. Courtyards between buildings and walkways around buildings are also covered by wireless connectivity as well as East and West campuses and 30th street.