High Tech Computer Labs

Lab Assistant helping a studentComputer Labs

San Juan College maintains over 1000 computers in over 50 labs. These computers provide access to a broad range of applications and to the Internet.

Maintaining and managing the labs is a team of four Shift Leads and close to 40 students. The students are employed as student workers each semester. They serve as Lab Aids (LA’s) to assist others with such things as logging into email, finding files on personal drives, assistance with printing, calling for support if things break, and assisting with finding available computers. They are students helping students. The Shift Leads provide a second level of support to the Lab Aids. They assist with solving problems, provide guidance to the Lab Aids, create work schedules and fill in if someone is gone.

The labs are scattered all over campus but the College Web Site will assist you in finding their locations. Simply follow this link:

Computer Lab Locator