PV Array at San Juan College

One of several PV arrays located on the campus at San Juan College.

Application Process

Specific requirements must be met in order to enter the Renewable Energy Program. Being accepted into San Juan College (SJC) or being a student at SJC does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

To be eligible for the Renewable energy Program selection process, students must have:

  1. Achieved a minimum high school or college cumulative GPA of 2.0 or comparable GED scores. The GPA requirement must be fulfilled before being admitted into the program. (College GPA is based on a minimum of 12 non-remedial credits, those numbered 110 or higher.)
  2. Applied to San Juan College (SJC) and be registered as a SJC student.

Once you have met the above criteria please contact the School of Energy. It is recommended that you have completed an interview, which can be done via a phone call (or email) with the program coordinator before enrolling for classes.

For more information, please call School of Energy at (505) 327-5705, or toll free, (866) 426-1233.