Electrical Wiring

Principles and practices in the National Electrical Code are emphasized throughout the Renewable Energy Program.

The School of Energy's Renewable Energy Program provides a solid foundation in the fundamental physics and design/installation techniques required to work with renewable technologies. The future is bright for solar energy and employment opportunities exist in small renewable energy businesses, energy companies, equipment supply companies, oil & gas field service companies, utilities, and in international agencies assisting the development of Third World countries. The growth of system installations is outpacing the training of qualified technicians. A personnel shortage is expected to increase demand for employees who are familiar with the science behind the technology and who are able to adapt to rapid changes in the field.

Detailed Program Information


"[As] the Director of Operations for HelioPower in San Diego, CA [I] make many technical and administrative decisions including whom to hire. Any graduate of SJC’s RE program has a huge advantage when applying for a job with me and probably most other solar integrators."

Jonah L. - Graduate
Director of Operations

"The San Juan College program was an essential beginning for my career in this field. The one-year course work was practical and comprehensive and provided a solid theoretical grounding in the energy field. I was able to contribute right out of school and had no difficulty passing the NABCEP exam one and one-half years later!"

Randy S. - Graduate
Co-owner of Positive Energy
Santa Fe, New Mexico

"In the past, quality education in renewable energy technologies was lacking. San Juan College stepped into the void to provide a solid base for anyone interested in pursuing a career in this fast growing field. The skill and experience I gained from this program has helped to give me the confidence to grow as a professional solar designer and installer in my own solar installation company."

Colin M. - First Program Graduate
Sunvolt Solar Electric
New York, NY

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